Radiation Monitor MPS-02 Watch

Purpose and scope

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Monitor radioisotope ISS-02 "Watch" is used to smooth and efficient detection of unauthorized movement of radioactive substances and nuclear materials through controlled environment. The monitor is designed for continuous level measurement of radiation from the test object, comparing the measured values with the level of background radiation in the place of its location, the alarm on exceeding the measured values over the background.


Monitor MPS-02 "Watch" is designed to assess the capacity of ambient dose equivalent * (10) of gamma and neutron radiation.

The monitor is used at various checkpoints in order to:

  1. rapid identification of the facts movement of ionizing radiation on transport communications — rail, road, through the airport, seaports, border and customs posts and the like;
  2. rapid detection of a collection point for recycling of scrap metal contaminated with radioactive substances, as well as the detection of raw materials in processing plants with a high content of natural radionuclides;
  3. rapid identification of personnel, transport or cargo contaminated by radioactive substances, the output (exit) from the territory of radiation hazardous facilities (nuclear power plants, radioactive waste disposal facilities, etc.);
  4. rapid detection of unauthorized movement of ionizing radiation through the checkpoints at the entrance (exit) to sites of national importance to the customs territory, etc.

Embodiment of the Monitor MPS-02, manned control SPM-04 interface unit BS-17-DD and detection units tipaBDVG-100-08 and BDMN-100-08. Exterior view of the detection device UDPS-100-03DD is shown below in the first picture.

Composition Monitor MPS-02 "Watch" Composition Monitor "Watch" is defined by the user, based on the volume and type of control.
Components monitor "Watch" and in the possible amount indicated in Table 1.
Table 1 — Composition Monitor "Watch»




Device Detected

UDPS-100-DD (detection unit tipaBDPS-100-08 Plus interface unit type BS-17DD)

From 1 to 15

Device Detected

UDVG-100-DD (detection unit tipaBDVG-100-08 Plus interface unit type BS-17DD)

From 1 to 30 (from 1 to 15 BS-17DD)

Device Detected

UDMN-100-DD (detection unit tipaBDMN-100-08 Plus interface unit type BS-17DD)

From 1 to 30 (from 1 to 15 BS-17DD)

Remote control and signaling



The alarm unit


0 to 15

Junction box


Of necessity

The monitor is powered by the AC voltage from 187 to 242 V, 50 Hz.
Warranty period — 2 years.

Radiation Monitor MPS-02 with additional detection unit BDMG-300, to expand its functionality, can be used as a stationary dosimeter readings with digital display and microprocessor control to measure the dose rate of gamma radiation at the location of the monitor.

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