«Raytheon» deploy missile-AIM-120D

Raytheon Missile Systems Company receives contract cost 535 million U.S. dollars for the development of improved SD medium-range «air-» AIM-120D AMRAAM (51% for shipments to Oman and Saudi Arabia), reports menafn.com June 15.
This is still the only anticipates ending supply contract until 2015. AIM-120 missiles in service with the U.S. Air Force and Navy, as 36 countries in the world. After a series of delays in the development of a new version of AIM-120D (also used the designation AMRAAM-2 — approx. «VP») is beta testing the Air Force and the U.S. Navy.
Originally it was planned that this version of the missile will go into trial operation in 2008, but there have been delays in the development of software and the latest propulsion, whereby the Air Force stopped paying company of more than $ 600 million new rocket engine was developed by the Norwegian company Nammo Group. Contract with the Norwegian group was signed last fall, payments from the Air Force were resumed in December. Raytheon said that programm entered «on track.»
In 2014, the Pentagon will submit a request for the purchase of 199 missiles for the Air Force and 54 for the Navy, in the same year is planned to finish step SD trial operation on fighter F/A-18 Super Hornet (Navy) and F-15 Eagle (Air Force).

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