Reform of the U.S. military intelligence: smart loves to learn, and a fool — to teach

Reform of the U.S. military intelligence: smart loves to learn, and a fool - to teach

Not so long ago it became clear that the Pentagon began to reform the military intelligence. First conversion anticipate increasing the number of employees the Defense Intelligence Agency abroad.

Over the next five years the number of operational employees DIA working in other countries, including under the cover (first diplomatic), planned to increase to approximately 1,600 people. Currently in DIA abroad there with five hundred operatives — it’s just working undercover. In accordance with approved management plans for the U.S., the number of «cover» will be increased by 2018 to 800, and even up to 1000 people.
Vpribavok U.S. Defense Department intends to ensure closer cooperation with the CIA and DIA Special Operations Command (JUICE) U.S. Armed Forces. According to the latest disk imaging «Washington Post», the values ​​in the activities of the DIA from this point will be tracking Islamist groups in Africa, supplying North Korea and Iran weapons to other states, and, naturally, the modernization of the Chinese armed forces. DIA operatives divide tasks with tseerushnikami if second chase in the main policy objectives, the first will motivate the nuances of the military.

Expansion of State Intelligence Agency at the time of the economic crisis — this is something new for the Obama administration. But in the new Pentagon decision has some internal logic.

America will save. Specifically identified as the Pentagon, the transformation does not mean that the DIA has now new opportunities or expanded funding. Create new staff rates occur due to the reductions in other departments and staffing configuration.

Yet the plan has already received from the «Washington Post» feature «ambitious.» In fact, we are talking about turning frisky Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence in a special network of agents. By the way, scouts, according to the plans will be prepared by the CIA, but will obey the Pentagon.

In the British newspaper «The Guardian» believe that a set of new agents in the world creates unprecedented in its scale espionage network. In the midst of new agents will DIA military attaches and other similar persons working openly, as a huge number of spies operating in secret. «The Guardian» says that the agency

«Are increasingly hiring civilian persons or institutions in the midst of the teachers entrepreneurs in strategic concepts from a military standpoint regions.»

At the same time the newspaper recalls that the CIA itself too sharply increment own staff over the last 11 years, the Department of the CIA counter-terrorism has expanded from 300 employees up to 2-thousand people. But the CIA … tired. They think that spies have to do a lot of problems, and therefore with a new plan to transfer rely purely military operations advanced DIA. Say, the CIA would not immediately seek lusted missiles «air-land» in Libya and in parallel to evaluate the Syrian opposition forces. It is very painful.

The newspaper also shows that many in Washington progressive comrades oppose expanding arena of activity DIA. After all, unlike the CIA, military intelligence activities not controlled by Congress.

With regard to savings and reducing the military budget of the Pentagon, it appears that other carriers legislative branches of government implement election promises faster Mitt Romney, if program from Barack Obama. Recall that the House of Representatives are kept under the control of the Democrats, and most Republicans in the Senate remain.

On the days of the Senate unanimously passed the budget «defense» department in 2013 to $ 631 billion dollars. (Obama has not yet signed it and can completely block). The Pentagon had previously requested 614 billion dollars. 526 billion from here go to «total military spending»: the creation of new types of weapons, the development of modern equipment, issue guns, planes and ships, increased allowances for servicemen — by 1.7% (on the last Fri dopraskhody make 17 billion, hence the noticeable increase in the budget ). Funds to expand DIA included in «general expenses».

Also officially stated goals — a weapon of North Korea, Iran unfriendly, freshening Islamists in Africa and non-brotherly China with its rapidly modernizing army — there are those that the CIA and the Pentagon are not advertised. Namely, increasing the number of spies and the division of tasks between the CIA and DIA — though rumovtsev will teach tseerushniki — among the rest due to bad preparation first, because they often have failed surgery or made only on paper. Byword steel and bad habits members of the military intelligence: men constantly drunk, not very known languages ​​do not really know how to recruit agents. Even consider the documents — and it came out in their very bad. In fact, so far it is not clear that they can?

Today U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, shows analyst Neil Nikandrov previously headed the CIA, and therefore better than anyone else, is aware of the feeble sides DIA. Perhaps he decided that further delay reform razvedvedomstva nowhere.

At the moment the CIA training base in Virginia is under preparation operatives new division DIA — Service undercover operations (Defense Clandestine Service, DCS). After studying South American scouts will focus on «practice» in Afghanistan, Iraq, in «crisis countries» in Africa and Latin America. In a five-year term, DCS will be the lead department DIA providing military intelligence to obtain disk imaging.

Separate line in the alarm goes American razvedplanah China. Here General Michael Flynn, the current U.S. military intelligence chief, said that «we are not talking about cosmetic changes in the DIA, and configurations of the huge national security strategy.»

Already almost a year in the United States operates a document entitled «Sustaining US Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense». In this strategy, from January 2012 stated that the strengthening of China in the long run can affect the economy and security of the United States. The main points in the highest U.S. military strategy is to reduce the number of U.S. armed forces with simultaneous concentration of budget resources for the development of satellites and unmanned aircraft. The strategy also involves refocusing resources on the APR.

Obama starts and wins — that’s what’s the plan of the White House in. Strategy, reinforcing the U.S. presence in the Asia-Pacific region and the reform of the DIA — the links of one American chain. China today — the central enemy of the United States.

The latest OECD report «Looking into 2060: long-term growth prospects,» it was noted among other things, that by 2060 the share of China and India in world GDP will surpass all 34 countries that belong to the OECD (the combined weight of 2-naming countries currently stands at a little more than one-third). China to surpass European Alliance already in the current year, and four years later become naikrupneyshim economy in the world.

United States in the world economy is still in first place, China — on the second. Washington is not going to take the position, and China is not going to stop its own rushing full steam «locomotive». To be in the coming years hegemon — that is the question. Economics often determines the policy, and in fact in the commercial rating of China and the U.S. were swapped for the last 6 years. Now China — the leading trading partner of 127 (for comparison: on the United States — the main partner of the 76 States). China overtook the United States and markets their powerful allies, such as Australia and South Korea. Where the U.S. retreat, China actively presses. Because trained rumovtsy may soon go to the Celestial Kingdom.

And no secret that the U.S. geopolitics too quickly lose credibility. If the «cold war» authority Washington was virtually unquestioned, in the last decade, amid setbacks in the Middle East, twisting «democratic» nuts in the country suffering from the recession, unemployment and growth of public debt (more than $ 16 trillion. Dollars) Pure white house became cringe.

Together with that Washington is not going to be removed from its former strategy complete dominance. Specifically military nuance strengthening global position in China, says N. Nikandrov inspires the Pentagon to create a «defense in depth» structure of the DIA on the ground in this country and in the Asia-Pacific countries:

«It should be noted that the mockery of American professionals on the secondary (» bad copy originals «) Chinese weapons sound more sparingly. Chinese anti-satellite missile test in 2007 was a shocking surprise to the Pentagon. In DIA analytical reports about it rightly notes: China in case of conflict with the United States will be able to bring down the system of satellite tracking and communication. Do not hesitate at the Pentagon «authorship» hacker intrusions into computer databases and government institutions in the USA money, objects of military-industrial complex, etc. Conclusions are made alarming: China fulfills methods of electrical war. After a successful test of a new intercontinental ballistic missile, «Dongfeng-41» capable of hitting the objects on the ground U.S. concern in Washington about the «unpredictable plans» China has become particularly noticeable. «

DIA does not like the fact that in recent years the strengthening of Sino-Latin American cooperation — both times by military-technical bands. Arms shipments from China to the betrothed region grow. We are talking about planes, landing ships, tanks, artillery units and the amounts in billions of dollars. Therefore, destabilization of China to the United States very principled. And who entrust destabilization as not spies, the CIA passed courses and «practices» already destabilized regions?

As for Iran — another goal updated DIA — then Washington together with Tel Aviv as ever worried that Tehran is not engaged in peaceful nuclear energy, and the implementation of programs from development and production of nuclear weapons. But Frank Kearney, Lieutenant-General of the U.S. Army, retired, recently said in a speech that the war with Iran is not enough that decides. In his view, even a tactical strike on nuclear facilities in the Islamic Republic will not bring utility: a similar measure in time to stop the activities of Iran’s nuclear research, and only. Shot kill nuclear forces: it is inconceivable to try to exterminate mental tactical measures in store. An attack on Iran would only weaken the existing regime. And again, research in nuclear technology can be thrown for a couple of years back, but instead the Iranians have an incentive to complete the development of nuclear weapons, and then even try it out … on the United States. To this we can add the subsequent: if the Iranians did not develop until this time of nuclear weapons, the tactical shots after the Yankees or Israelis they will develop it. This theme — against the backdrop of protests against the whole South American — in the country will be very popular. If we add here the frequent demonstrations against the United States in Muslim countries, Near East and North Africa, the geopolitical puzzle pieces will form obviously not in favor of «Big Brother».

That is why the plan to take over Iran by the DIA, whose task — to sow grain destabilization openly and nestled through military officials, spies and recruited through their people. And the end result (as puzzles DIA still makes the military) may be a war with the capture of territories or «carpet bombing» — but the war with the weakened state podtochennaya internal sabotage and terrorist attacks. Here you need to create real «international» target reformed DIA.

And on the global view of these, it seems, in the last days of wind of some suspicious South American senators. In the Senate there has been a movement for blocking the Pentagon plan to finance hundreds of additional foreign spies. On this day, the plan has the status of «temporarily disabled.»

December 11 Greg Miller («Washington Post») said that, in the 1-x, senators are talking about a huge dilemma with new costs that will inevitably arise in the financing of the secret acts of additional spies abroad. In-2-x, senators believe that spies DIA constantly pursue woes. And the Ministry of Defence razvedusiliya often go down the drain.

Pentagon angrily criticized for unsuccessful espionage activities, it is proposed

«Demonstrate that he can do better management of mental espionage, before embarking on the upcoming expansion.»

Perhaps the Senate, which expresses deep skepticism about the claimed performance of the Pentagon plan, soon to block the expansion of one hundred percent staffing DIA. Finally the number of scouts will remain at last year. At the moment, the Pentagon requested «an independent assessment of the costs» of the new spy services, a plan of where and when the newly recruited spies will work for the good of democracy.

In the Senate presentation given sufficiently long list of problems available to existing Pentagon intelligence services, including reports that investigators previously trained were «counterproductive» by completing tasks abroad.

In common parlance, Mr. senators questioned not only in the highest mind the Pentagon workers, and given to understand that the military department is artificially inflating the state, though not intending to be accountable, they become engaged newly minted spies.

In the view of the Senate also said that the Armed Services Committee requests the Ministry of Defence to cancel any agreements reached previously with other agencies, including the CIA, who were expected to participate in the development of modern service lurking.

Not enough of the Senate expressed the view that the Pentagon

«We have to do business, reducing costs, rather than leaving them on the same level or allowing increase.»

Independent columnist Max Boot («Commentary»), also tuned to the DIA skeptical, believes that

«We have been pretty special services employees, and we need to focus on improving their quality.»

The Department of Defense United States there are lots of problems with «human intelligence.» That special equipment, machinery — is, and the human mind — no. Max Boot is critical of the possibilities even DIA agents and other spies to influence «Arab Spring.»

Notes creator advises DIA spend a completely different reform: cut a thick layer of bureaucracy in the department, and to change the bosses hire a professional and intelligent people in the ranks of intelligence — first those who are familiar with foreign cultures and languages ​​knows. In the meantime, of course, assumes that the DIA only expand the existing bureaucracy, and this, says the journalist, is unacceptable.

So Makar, the Senate and the press remembered that, as previously read in America was somehow not accepted. Washington previously taught wits entire planetoid, and now, you see, the time has come to understand the truth of the Russian proverb — one that loved to repeat Anton Chekhov: A smart loves to learn and fool — teach. While intoxicated and stoned ever South American spies piled operations in Afghanistan and found a bio weapon in Iraq, Our homeland has been to consider the will of the White House, and China has increased in economic and military terms, so that any new strategy will not frighten him. Especially since such, which completely lacks an important component: the mind.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin


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