Relatives of the accused are afraid to talk to journalists

In the court of the Moscow district of Minsk was the second day of the trial of the six participants in the events on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19, 2010: Dmitry Doronin, Sergei Kazakov, Vladimir Loban Vitali Matsukevich, Eugene secret, Oleg Fedorkevichey. They are accused by side. 2 art.293 of the Criminal Code, "riots". There was a questioning of victims commandos who act in each trial of the accused.

The second day of the trial began with the questioning of victims: those appear in court 29 commandos. On the process were nine of them. Each said opposing testimony to those who gave on the eve of the defendants: commandos were told in detail about how they were beaten with sticks and metal bars of the protesters as they tried to break through to the Government House.

But the answer is very insecure about their actions and what happened that night in the square. None of the defendants, they did not recognize. Responding to questions from Attorney Miller, the defendants reiterated that it was special forces attacked first, and the men were forced to defend themselves.

The prosecutor allowed himself leading questions that contained answers favorable to the commandos that this does not interrupted by the judge.

The course of the trial says human rights activist Vladimir Labkovich"Today we have seen the traditional process that takes place over the participants of the so-called riots. Here I was not only surprised, even shocked, that the prosecutor had allowed himself to leading questions that contained answers favorable to the Special Forces, it is not interrupted by the judge. And it is clear that the procedure is a procedural with a foregone conclusion. "

Yuneyshy party process, the accused Sergey Kazakov, 19 years were executed in prison. The oldest — Oleg Fedorkevichey— In This year, fiftieth Not one of them does not belong to a political party and no one said that he had come to the area by accident. According to them, they are driven by a desire to express their civic position. Relatives of the accused is in the process almost completely distanced from human rights activists and journalists. And this is the explanation, says activist to create social union retirees Tatyana Zelko:

"They are scared — it's one hundred percent. Eugene Secret sat four months without a lawyer and transmission, the family is afraid to tangle with him. Just in front of me, at the time of the search, one family said it is very good that no one will know about the search that you have is that your child is sitting. I say — the more you keep quiet, the more time you'll get — and this is our law of the jungle. "

Reporter: "Why is it, do you think?"

"I think our government intimidated that they are afraid of losing power. Therefore, any way they feel for disobeying them are terrible. "

After studying the materials of the case the judge Elena Shilko adjourned until the morning on May 10.


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