Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online

Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
Transmission Repair School on TNT — Repair an apartment, to be exact — a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, children's room. New interior design ideas apartment the show will be produced by designers who will create an outline with their hands or using a computer in a format 3d. As for the transfer made on TNT, we will see how the apartment and at the end of the transfer programs from leading ask questions to the participants, who will share with the audience their experiences regarding repair of their apartments.

LIVING ROOM — AMERICA 60s (2012-03-31)
Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
The apartment owners resilient positive and friendly people, and their living room is no longer satisfied with them. Because the room was very greyish faceless and multifunctional. Designer prepared for their mega cool project, in the style of the 60's. This direction is intended not the case, because the guys really love the music of those years. Uniformly flat begins its transformation, there was wall of masonry. This extraordinary solution harmoniously blended with pleasant colors chosen color. Ocher significantly expanded the place. On the ceiling there was plaster construction, and the walls were formed notable circles.

Comfortable INTERIOR WITH ELEMENTS OF STYLE German (2012-04-07)
Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
The room will make the bedroom to the workplace. Shestnadtsatimetrovaya room of 10 years in the same style and color. Because is urgently correct the situation, which has already begun to spec. On the ceiling there was an unusual mosaic in the German style, and beams. Specifically, they will give the room, of course, unique look. In the area of sleep have already established a huge comfortable bed with nice secret. This is, of course, amuse owners room, and they did not want to leave the room. Despite the small space of the room stood a harmonically cabinets, appeared an unlimited number of storage sites.

STYLE Hi-tech (2012-04-14)
Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
Such was not yet in school repairs. But now they have to join a tremendous place that carries within it a different multi-functional load. Seventeen square meters will soon be divided into three zones. This hall, corridor and entrance hall. Any part of the plan to be unique and inimitable, but to have with all this overall concept. The problem space such that a descent 6 doors out into the hall. But the designers have convinced everyone that this task to them on the shoulder. It is necessary to experiment a little, and the place will not look "revolving door." In the end, all turn out, because it read as girls, just simple, and above all beautiful.

Impeccable KITCHEN — Dream of the mistress (2012-04-21)
Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
In the ten-kitchen will spend funky repair, to radically change the place. It's kind of a common task, but the wishes of the owners so great that it is worth every effort to get want.
To business start Prof. masters headed by creative designer. The concept of future kitchen is in the form of a cafe. And soon begin a large-scale project. The kitchen is equally comfortable cafe taking shape. Room colors are chosen simply delicious, creamy color myagenkie interwoven with textiles. Mirrored ceiling makes the room larger and more spacious. A white brick masonry on the wall brings home a street atmosphere.

Kitchen-Hi-tech with classical (2012-05-26)
Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
Now, many designers love to cooperate styles, and this project was no exception. Presented kitchen will be done in 2-style, hi-tech will be tracked down in the right furniture, and textiles will be a classic and cute devices. From this video you will learn how to choose the material for the apron, what are the glass blocks and where to use them. And also how to make a cool glass block of the luminaire. And, of course, you will learn how you can make an unusual shelf with his hands. Part of the wall of the future kitchen painted in tones of white, the other part was grayish. It will emphasize the harmonic fusion of high-tech with a traditional style. One of the walls make out the columns, between which unfold a large panorama of the city. Fashionable, stylish, and most importantly very positive.

Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
To realize the idea of the designer, is a room of 18 square meters. Here it is necessary to make a real repair and to change the room beyond recognition. Room for cute young girls, will be present for days of birth.
Interior elected not the case, the owner of the room has been hip-hop, energetic and neunyvayuscha. Because boring grayish tone is definitely not her story. This project used very Worthwhile materials, different textures. The room filled with color paints and malehankih sekretikov.

Style of classicism with the art-DECOR (2012-06-16)
Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
The front of the penalty is presented in the form of food. This room is no longer applicable for normal functioning. Because wallpaper has lost its own radiance and initial chic. And all the other also requests immediate intervention.
Project designer invented unrealistic magnificent story that will be implemented in reality by Prof. brigade school repairs. In the first step of getting rid of an old and not suitable. Next will prepare the surface of the work is to begin and to the point.
In total from the previous kitchen was gone. At the moment it's not brand new or similar to that room. Kitchen, in which you can work productively implement culinary delights, and just have a good time with your family.

RESORT NIGHT (2012-06-23)
Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
This project is very exciting and labor-intensive, because in the smallest space you want to place an unlimited amount of matter and objects. Thirteen square meters will continue to serve the owners of the apartment as a bedroom and an office for work.
The designer of the project chosen is not the standard approach and decided to cooperate disparate things at first glance. Owner wishes to be heard, but to materialize their dreams into reality, you will learn from this video. Also, you will learn what the acrylic panels, what they are, and what you can do with them.

MODERN STYLE in a spicy execution (2012-06-30)
Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
Room nineteen square meters urgently requested repairs. Wrote a letter to the owners' cry from the heart "to school repairs. In a given area to be located two zones are zones of relaxation and meetings. The work is not easy, but the designer does not like conventional solutions. As planned in the living room of the future should whiff of spaciousness. It will have to break the geometry of space. But as you ask. Yes, everything is easy, using staining planes in various pastel colors.
With all of this on the ceiling will be created an easy design that resembles a flower. From each petal will be based own color. Either giving the room a different mood. A fascinating idea designer uniformly transformed into reality.

CHILDREN'S CENTER (2012-07-07)
Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
The children's center is transformed into a fairy tale with the School of repairs and Prof. designer. Future space needs to be catchy, happy and cheerful, whatever the young guests wanted to stay here as it is possible longer.
The children's center was in good hands, and the interior space is not only amaze kids and adults. On the floor, there was an unusual flooring. Lovely colored squares, make the floor alive. Track of multi-colored "stones" is not only a fascinating design course, and the element that creates a positive mood.

SPIRIT OF PARIS — Interior for special people (2012-07-14)
Repair School 2012 (11 assists) watch online
School repairs with an amazing designer begin repairs within a 14-meter room. The owners want to behold the newest room bedroom in warm colors. The result — the resulting total eclipsed all expectations.
Room imbued with the spirit of Paris, each piece of furniture is a unique reference to France. Love and romance reign in the atmosphere bedrooms. But at the same time, some details of the interior room is assigned seriousness and rigor.

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