Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online

Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online
Transmission School repairs on TNT — is repair apartments, rooms, to be exact — a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, children's room. New interior design ideas apartment the show will be produced by designers who will create an outline with their hands or using a computer in a format 3d. As for the transfer made on TNT, we will see how the apartment and at the end of the transfer programs from leading ask questions to the participants, who will share with the audience their experiences regarding repair of their apartments.

Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online
Ancient furniture, creaky parquet flooring and wallpaper falling off a very tired apartment owners. In this twenty-meter living room had no comfort, no comfort, because the young couple decided to seek help from the School of repair. Room design was chosen not by chance, because modern style is exactly what you need so young and energetic people. Modern materials, multi-level lighting, this locker room, work area and much more will make the room unique.

MARINE Subject (2012-10-06)
Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online
School repairs again rushing to the rescue, now they have a tough job. The luxurious lobby of the new suburban lady, you need to reincarnate in a luxurious living room. Room area is 20 square meters two, but, unfortunately, the room has a number of disadvantages, which will have to work hard over the experienced designer. As a result, very long narrow hall, in what was bad lighting, reincarnated in a very comfortable living.

Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online
School of repairs is taken of the kitchen in a suburban house. Kitchen area of sixteen square meters. For 70 two working hours this place is transformed into a work of art. Dream owners carried out, the kitchen began to play with all the colors of the rainbow, has become multi-functional and very comfortable. There was lots of storage space for various items, with all this space does not look cluttered. Luxury work surface that has become very comfortable, of course, pleased with the hostess.

EUROPEAN EAST (2012-10-20)
Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online
Ordinary room nineteen square meters home a pair of pretty bored. Because school repairs in a hurry to help. To give a new style to make a room multi-functional, for the most experienced designers are not any problems. But here's the characters themselves were divided on the outlook of what they want to build a future bedroom!
And here is a combination of the designer on the first look incongruous and interior room eventually comes just a luxury. In the bedroom there was a place of rest and residential area. Appeared multifunctional storage cabinet, partition magic, as a panel of moss and palm leaves. Suddenly and perfectly.

FOR THE MODERN STYLE neoclassic Maid (2012-10-27)
Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online
In this video clip you will see how perfect the shape of nineteen square room will get a unique look. At first glance room looks clumsy and unhappy. And requests immediate reboot. Style elected not the case in the living room, a young, modern and trendy woman. Style rooms feature and highlight it will be the most beloved holiday destination.

Complex project — EXCLUSIVE PROJECT (2012-11-03)
Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online
Room eighteen square meters, in which live two brothers, urgently requested updates. Sour ancient furniture, grayish tone rather tired, rushing to the aid of school repairs.
The project room of the future difficult, but it's also very exciting and comfortable. By means such as the separation of the reception, the room will get comfort, and comfort. The division will be made by means of walls of plasterboard, also podiya. Specifically pondus will be a major element in the future of room for the boys. Expand your place without breaking any walls in the teeth only real experts.

ORIENTAL STYLE with Arabic accents in suburban home (2012-11-17)
Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online
Most of the time we spend in the bedroom. Because this room must meet all of our requirements. From the interior of the room depends on our rest, sleep, and our well-being. Because the right combination of colors and textures in a position to make the room comfortable and comfortable.
What is the eastern interior? First, is the abundance of colors, the combination of gold and precious textiles. This is very excellent interior decoration shows a reception with stucco. You will see how you can make a luxurious decor with various murals that would eventually get effective composition.

Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online
In this video clip, you'll learn how to change the interior. How to reincarnate girls room to room — for girls! How common and easiest method to place the 12-meter area: sitting area, storage area, and a work area. Fascinating elegant interior — it's the first step to success and career growth, because it is worthwhile paying attention to the room where you spend a lot of time.
Eco-style is the introduction of natural materials, decorative panels with different simulations. In the interior of use coconut tiles.

MAN'S LAND in a new AUTO-STYLE LOFT (2012-12-01)
Repair School 2012 (9 assists) watch online
Style Auto Loft miniaturism different and unusual textured and color scheme. From this video you will learn how in just two working 70 hours reincarnate gloomy, grayish and unpretentious 18-meter room, a stylish men's room.
In the first step, you will learn how to quickly, and most importantly perfectly applied decorative coating. Which for all that use the tool and how to use it correctly. This will allow for the coming without much effort and cost, without the help of others to repair your apartment. Also you will find out how to make the effect of rust on the wall of a conventional gypsum board.

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