Repair School in 2010 (5 assists) watch online

Repair School in 2010 (5 assists) watch online
Transmission Repair School on TNT — is repair apartments, rooms, to be exact — a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, children's room. New interior design ideas apartment the show will be produced by designers who will create an outline with their hands or using a computer in a format 3d. As for the transfer made on TNT, we will see how the apartment and at the end of the transfer programs from leading ask questions to the participants, who will share with the audience their experiences regarding repair of their apartments.

School of repairs (19/06/2010)
DEVYATNADTSATIMETROVY Oval Room 19 m2. Doors open on both sides. The glossy black floor. The rounded shape. The semi-circular wall with niches. Stucco elements. Installing Kondyukov. Two cabinets to the ceiling with a pattern.

School repair (03.07.2010)
Clapboard and PANEL IN THE VILLAGE Lokhin suburban home. Room 26 m2. Traditional style. Textiles on the windows and on the walls. Decorating lining. Heating pipes in the construction of plasterboard with flower beds. Installing Kondyukov. Painting the ceiling. Laminate floor.

Repair School (30.10.2010)
KAM TU MAY BOUDOIR children's bedroom

Repair School (20.11.2010)
Pearl Living room with black pepper

School repairs (27.11.2010)

Repair , Construction, Design — apartments, cottages, etc.

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