Replenish U.S. Navy new ship type «San Antonio»

Replenish U.S. Navy new ship type
Helicopter landing ship dock (DVKD) «Somerset» LPD-25, 9th class ship «San Antonio», after the successful end of the acceptance tests arrived in Philadelphia to enter into the U.S. Navy. The ship was built at the shipyard «Ingalls Shipbuilding», owned by the company «Huntington Ingalls Industries.» U.S. Navy plans to adopt it 1 March this year, reports ARMS-TASS
Head DVKD LPD-17 «San Antonio» was raised in the U.S. Navy in 2005. By the time the true U.S. Navy delivered eight ships of this type. Tenth ship of the series «John P.Myurta» LPD-26 is ready for 40%, will be launched in 2014 and completely built in 2016 Laid eleventh ship «Portland» (LPD-27), a willingness which is 8% and completion is scheduled for 2017
DVKD like «San Antonio» is a vessel of 208.4 m, a width of 31.9 meters, a displacement of 24,900 tons and a draft of 7 m ship is equipped with 4 turbo diesel engines that provide the highest speed of 24 knots. Deck area for wheeled and tracked vehicles is 24,000 square meters. feet, the amount of space for tools and objects logistics — 34000 cubic meters. feet. Crew consists of 360 people unchanging staff. In addition, it is possible to locate about 800 Marines and 14 amphibious armored vehicles. SAM armament of the ship is «Sea Sparrow», two SAM RAM, two 30-mm gun mount «Bushmaster». Ships can be equipped with a helicopter CH-53E «Stellion C» or 2 — CH-46E «Sea Knight» or one konvertoplanov MV-22 «Osprey», also with 2 dropships LCAS.

This type of ship designed for operation as part of the expeditionary strike groups of the U.S. Navy and is their main link. The vessel has the ability to transfer to the specified point and provide a landing on unequipped coast landing on the 2-amphibious hovercraft and LCAC 14 amphibious armored Marine Corps MCEFV.

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