Residents g.Tekeli Almaty region witnessed a mysterious glow over the stone stele depicting Buddha

June 18, 2012 8:21

Residents g.Tekeli Almaty region witnessed a mysterious glow over the stone stele depicting BuddhaASTANA. June 17. KAZINFORM — Residents miner Tekeli in Almaty region witnessed a strange phenomenon.
On a unique monument of history and architecture — stone stele depicting Buddha, located at the entrance to the gorge Korinskoe — from time to time there is a mysterious glow. This writes the journalist of the newspaper "Express K" Larissa Stoppel in the article "Fire Buddha» (№ 108 (17466) on 06/16/2012)

According tekeliytsev, unusual reddish glow appears in the wee hours.
— You just want to stand still, and see the miracle, — said one of the witnesses Kuanysh-aga.

Everyone who saw this strange effect, I'm sure it will come down to him grace or get lucky. True, there is a glow every day.

Among scientists about the origin of the stone monument apart. For example, a professor of the first Siberian Tomsk University, geographer, botanist and ethnographer Vasily Sapozhnikov (1861-1924 gg.) In his travel notes marked this place as Aulie Tas — the sacred stones of the Kirghiz.

An architect, an artist and ethnographer Nurashev Zhakanov believes that on a stone slab engraved appeal to the Almighty to confer victory over the enemy. And there was this monument, in his opinion, in the second half of the XVIII century, when the troops of Khan Zhangir fought dzhungarami.Krasnoyarsky scientist, doctor of historical sciences, professor Vladislav Volkov sure that this place is buried Khakas warrior who led the revolt against the Uighur Khanate .

Tekeli stone is almost unknown in the world of science — said the chief researcher of the Institute of Archaeology to them. A.Margulan Zeynolla Samashev. — On the front of his shows pagoda in its center Buddha, all that keeps the powerful legs female lion with a dragon's head. On the upper surface of the sloping stone — geometric design of a building and mysterious letters with a mysterious text.

Image of Buddhist stupas suggesting that occurred there magic rites of purification, because the mortar — is the material embodiment of the Buddha. Lama's claim that the energy force stupa unlimited. Who come to this land, receives a blessing.

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