Restriction on the sale of fuel for heavy trucks


Belarus has imposed restrictions on the sale of fuel for heavy vehicles. BelaPAN, telling them, refers to the press service of "Belorusneft" — the largest operator in Belarus state network of filling stations.

Since June 12, the limit for a single refueling truck at the gas station "Belorusneft" is 200 liters regardless of the form of payment.

Such measures introduced at all stations of the country in line with the performance of the decision of the Council of Ministers of 11 June № 755 "On some measures to protect the consumer market."

June 3 "Belorusneft" already introduced restrictions on the sale of fuel. Then the limit of holidays oil for cash Belarusian rubles at the gas station were as follows: for cars — 25 liters for heavy — 100 liters.


fuel Belorusneft

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