Riddle lamps Dendera

August 18, 2012 14:39

Riddle lamps Dendera In modern society, knowledge and culture are no longer the exclusive domain of the rich or religious social class, everyone has access to them through the school program. Efforts to develop cultural skills can be extended to libraries, museums, watching high-quality documentaries, etc.

The ability to read and get pleasure from reading in themselves are two phenomenal teaching aids. And even in countries where higher education is very expensive and is almost entirely run by non-state actors, no one actually does not exclude the opportunity to learn and to know what is of interest, whether it's the history of civilization, or the most recent scientific discoveries. In today's world, the process of continuous publication of books and materials of good quality.

As science and technology play an important role in modern society, and the results in these two areas for all to see, it would seem that there is almost no place distrust and superstition, and it should be accompanied by emotion and sensationalism.

Unfortunately, just the opposite. Superstition and credulity, continue to thrive, not only in traditional areas, such as astrology, but in the new conditions, which offer an alternative and often fanciful explanation of the facts, which already has an explanation. Such scenarios are believed to invented elite only to protect their interests.

Consider an example. It should pay tribute to those who have investigated the phenomenon of radiation, the understanding of which is made possible by the development of new tools, such as conceptual and technological. Crookes tubes and X-ray study was made possible by the invention of earlier Geissler tubes, as well as improvements to the air field, with which the creation of a vacuum within the tube to become a reality.

It is important to understand that the inventions and discoveries are never the result of individual actions, even when they are so innovative, that is a separate chapter in human history. This is the result of continuous development and differentiation of knowledge into a broader and organizational network in which individuals are in constant contact with each other through formal and well tested channels.

This simple truth is completely ignored and are often seen in the circle of people who are beginning to explore some of the issues only in terms of sensational and superstitious, perhaps because they are bored in their daily lives.

The so-called light Dendera is a textbook example of how historical truth, well and clearly set out in the archaeological context, can be warped by alternative explanations, it is unfounded and untenable, but accepted the general public, and thus perpetuated.

Temple of Hathor at Dendera, Egypt, (an ancient city that existed 4,500 years ago, was discovered in 1857) and was a typical church of the time, there were ceremonial rooms, long corridors, statues, frescoes and bas-reliefs. All that remained in fairly priglyadnom for this age form.

One of the bas-reliefs, in particular, represents two human figures at the foot of each of which is an object in the shape of an elongated bulbs, closed with one hand whisk with a long stem. Inside the bulb well-recognized figure in the form of a snake, with each bulb with rounded ends is supported by three rings. The scene depicts the god Thoth with folded two knives: usually this scene was interpreted as a warning of the danger.

Lovers of mysteries and alternative interpretations have no doubt that these objects are nothing else than the Crookes tube. At least, this is a simple gas discharge tubes, but one thing is certain: the ancient Egyptians knew that this power and used it during the sacred ceremonies by the device, the opening of which mankind has made thousands of years later.

There is no clear understanding of how electricity is fed these devices. And, do not even know where some of these generators could be: the topic has never been explored thoroughly, as well as to generate electricity from the environment without any effort.

In fact, a constant power output is not quite easy to get, especially without sharp fluctuations and intensity. In fact, the sudden burst of energy is a danger to any device, the source of energy which is electricity. Can I light Dendera, built by the ancient Egyptians, to compare with Crookes tubes? Consider the "device" in parts.

Since the device has a similar function, it is necessary that the glass bulb is heated up until it reaches the desired shape, density, and purity. In this case, no glass artisans do not, who know their job and reached great heights in the case. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the glass craft was highly developed in ancient Egypt.

Also, you must have the connecting cables between the pipe and the generator of energy, they must be made of a conductive material and should have been covered by an insulating sheath to prevent accidental shock hazard: Crookes tube actually working with a voltage of thousands of volts, the impact on the objects and living organisms which can be felt even at low current.

This means that the Egyptians were able to weave metal wire and isolate it so that it was not dangerous to humans when making her manipulation. Moreover, the industry must be developed for the extraction and processing of metals, as well as industry production and processing of insulating materials. In this case, you must have knowledge of conducting and insulating properties of various materials.

The discharge tube is not completely empty, they contain a small amount of air that can be formed ranks that make the device work. Also, in order to extract the air from the tube, which will prevent the further flow of air, you need a vacuum pump.

The ancient Egyptians knew nothing about basic pumps, not to mention those of their species, as air. On the other hand it is the development of the pneumatic technology in the 70th and first half of the 80s contributed to a significant progress in the study of electrical discharge in rarefied gases. No accident that one of the staff Geisler was an expert in mechanical vacuum pumps.

In any document dated period of existence of ancient Egypt, there is finally a generator circuit or battery, referring to an earlier historical period.

All the above reasons are technological in nature, but there are other, sociological type, which should make fans of alternative treatments to think about the actual merits of his ideas.

Countries that have examined certain things, and to build technological innovations, that is, nineteenth-century Europe, and collected a huge number of discoveries. They have already established their colonies in other parts of the world, getting back on the ships, which moved not only by the force of the wind, but also thanks to a pair that is obtained by burning wood or coal. In this case, the court itself was not constructed of woven reed sticks. In the second half of the 19th century, news and information printed on cellulose paper and not written by hand on papyrus scrolls.

The wars were actively using gunpowder, and the ancient Egyptians knew just how to make weapons out of copper or bronze, but not steel. Territorial expansion of the European empires were much broader than the Egyptian kingdom needs through technological innovations applied in the war. The process of the emergence of cities also changed over time due to new discoveries and the rejection of the old traditions that no longer meet the requirements of modern times.

All it means is that an invention or an idea, as a rule, never comes alone, but always accompanied by something else, which is a kind of cultural connective tissue. Rejecting the possibility of domestic production, many refer to the ancient times, ancient civilizations, and even extraterrestrial contact.

As for the possible lost civilization, it should be remembered that the land — it is not just the surface, it often hides a lot of interesting things. It is for this reason that one can still find ancient artifacts in very good condition. Where cities, palaces, temples, roads, and all other construction work, which eventually would lead to the creation of these tubes? Apparently, this civilization has left behind nothing except a vague memory in the form of bas imperfect temple in Egypt.

Difficulties in reading and interpretation of ancient hieroglyphs and ancient figures makes the reconstruction of human history a very difficult process, but not impossible. What is actually is a bas-relief at Dendera? Nothing more than a religious ceremony in honor of the sun god, performed annually. The figures represent a symbolic periodic return of the gods, associated with a particular time of year. The bulb, which lies on the stem with three rings is nothing like a lotus flower, which supports the back of the god in whose honor the temple was built.

While separating the ancient inhabitants of the Nile from modern humans, has led to an almost total neglect of their religious rites, however, made it impossible to seriously examine what impact their lives.

Some people only official scientific explanations seem to be boring, and they prefer to replace them with other, more comfortable, more creative, and perhaps, at first sight, more attractive, however, is completely unfounded after careful analysis. Legend of Dendera lamps to striking confirmation.

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