Riddle of Human Origins

Why do we give birth in pain?

The news of the so-called "decoding" of the human genome was received with great enthusiasm — as a new triumph of our science. A little later, there was some confusion. It turned out that the "decoding" did not lead to full understanding of who we are and where, why it is such, and not others. Moreover, the issues here and there, it seems, even added …

To begin to offer "savor" a few intriguing questions on the topics of genetics.
The dog is 98% the same genes as the fox, these animals are very similar to each other — both in appearance and in their habits.

Now compare human and supposedly his closest relatives — the other primates. In a biological cell Homo sapiens 46 chromosomes (23 pairs), the chimpanzee or gorilla — 48 (24 pairs). But when scientists announced the long-awaited "decoding" of the genome, it turned out that our genes are comparable with the genes of chimpanzees even at 95.8%, as previously thought, and almost 99%!

Where does such huge differences between man and ape? If the cause — in the evolution of Darwin, why and, more importantly, how people managed to get it for some 300,000 years, and the intellect "cousin" — a 400-pound gorilla — is in complete stagnation for at least the 6 million years? Why it does not evolve?

Of the estimated 30 million species now exist on Earth — the animals, plants and bacteria (which are studied), is at all (!) Found the same genetic code. But only one species — man — has a mind, consciousness, speech. Is not it a mystery?

Finally, our main issue at the moment. Why does a woman give birth in pain? After playing their own kind — a natural process. And no other mammal so not ripped apart!
However, in consideration of this "unpretentious" question he strangely swollen to several related "cases."

Why did the woman was given this share?

The Bible, of course, explained: so decided Creator. As punishment. But it is — from a moral point of view. A anatomically? Why still have to break the newborn into the world with such titanic efforts?

Of course — tell anyone — because the infant's head is too large to pass through a difficult birth canal.

Right. Why is such a babe Bashkova? Why is his head so disproportionate?
Because the skull will fit too big brain.

Why does the brain "overnight" increased in volume about twice (and it happened 300,000 years ago), and the birth canal is not changed?

Because, for the expansion of the pelvis would have to radically change the whole skeleton. But then she would not have to walk on foot. She would have to back down on all fours, that is, to return the evolutionary ladder back and down.

Question: why is our Creator (or Creators) put into our skull so big brain, when, in the same "program", we use it not full?

And incidental matters. Why would a man was given approximately 30-35 thousand genes, if nearly 95% of the genes — "ballast", ie, to keep silent? Why was creating such a reserve — 3 billion chemical "letters" of the genetic "alphabet"? Not for you to these "letters" we ever created new "words" and "sentences"? But when and how? Under what conditions?
As you can see, the issues too much. But this is — not all.

Case "stray" genes

The human genome was found to contain 223 genes that do not have the required predecessors on the lower levels of the evolutionary ladder. That is, these 223 genes are completely absent even in invertebrate phase of the evolutionary path! They had not been down there, they did not go from stage to stage, and then — again! — And appeared at the top of the evolutionary ladder.
How, then, could buy a set of genes mysterious man?

Scientists, once again scratched his head thoughtfully said that a man could "import" them from … bacteria. While not so long ago (in the sense of evolutionary time scale). And it's not the vertical "tree of life", as it should be, and horizontally. From the side, so to speak.
And what else you can imagine, if the bottom of the gaping genetic "gap"? It turns out that only courtesy of infecting bacteria, primitive, stupid things primitive man was reasonable and has acquired a brain that poor mother every time writhing in labor to give it a giant seat of the mind the way to the light.

Well, thank bacteria!
But the question arises, where did they have the genes of genius?
This science is silent …

The case of bacteria

It would seem that what is there to argue. Just think, some 223 genes there!
In fact, because each single gene means to distinguish one individual from another, the 223 genes represent an enormous difference entire species — such as ours, from other primates, including chimpanzees. So, sorry, this is not nothing!

Analysis of the functions of these genes, published in the journal "Neychur" ("Nature"), shows that they include not only proteins involved in important physiological and psychological functions. They are also responsible for important neurological and enzymes that are associated with a mitochondrial DNA unit — the so-called DNA "Eve", inherited only through the maternal line. Only this discovery raises concerns "bacterial borrowing."

No, something is clearly not fit in!

"This is a — a jump that does not fit into the modern evolutionary theory," — said one of the prominent geneticist Stephen Scherer.

And then, where such confidence that it is we "score" of genes from bacteria? Maybe they are from us? It is reasonable, right? But if these genes gave bacteria man, where did he take them?
A vicious circle, and only …

But those who read the books of, for example, authors such as Zecharia Sitchin, Alan Alford, Graham Hancock, probably already know the answer. Or, at least, guess as to where the output of the "vicious circle." It leads to space.

Case aliens

April 4, 2001 in "Kosmivers" is a new article by an American scholar Zecharia Sitchin "The case of alien genes of Adam."

Sitchin, however, speaks and writes about it for a long time, but just did not want to hear. Now I have to — "decode" the gene makes. In Sitchin out great books in which this extraordinary scientist claims that a man in his present form was created through genetic engineering. And there is lots of evidence.

In the Old Testament, some survived, albeit vague, echoes the version of alien astronauts visited Earth, where people have taken over the space of the gods. They, these "gods", and created man. Incidentally, note that the Book of Genesis (1:26) says "… Let us make man in our image and after our likeness" (not "my"!). This is no accident, a reservation error — they really had a lot of celestial "gods."

It is only then the Bible was "edited" by monotheism. And there (Genesis 6:4) describes the mighty giants, born of communication "sons of God" and "daughters of men."

Still, the most ancient of such evidence — not the biblical tale of the origin of Adam — in the Bible is given only very brief retelling of a much more ancient Sumerian and Akkadian texts that were once written on clay tablets. In their role in the genesis of human transmitter assigned Annunaki — those that "came from heaven to earth."

The case of Adam

According to Z. Sitchin in his works (for example, in the book "12th planet", and even more specifically in the book "The Genesis of the revised code and space"), the Anunnaki came to Earth about 450,000 years ago from the planet Nibiru (aka in Sitchin — The 12th Planet), whose huge elongated orbit within our solar system lies so that in our part of the sky Nibiru appears only once in 3,600 years. Once the Anunnaki landed on Earth in search of minerals, and they needed labor. One of the two brothers, leaders, wise and competent organizer scientist named Enki suggested not to bring rabsilu from home, and slightly improve the then-exist on Earth hominid, adding it some genes are more "advanced" Anunnaki. Which was done.

Under the leadership of Ninharsaga, chief medical alien Anunnaki started genetic engineering, by adding and combining different genes and had the Anunnaki on Earth humanoid "raw material".
After some trial and error (which are discussed later) was finally obtained more or less suitable model. It happened about three hundred thousand years ago. That is what people then got its own unique 223 gene. Of the Anunnaki, not bacteria. Due to this and there was Adam, and much later — and Eve.

Speaking of Eve.

The case of Eve

In the book, Alan F. Alford, "Gods of the new millennium," says that, for all the Mesopotamian sources, the first man was created just as a slave, and his first name in the Sumerian texts — "Lou Lou" — and translated — "slave" , "worker", "servant." And all the slaves (as, incidentally, they are named in the Bible — the servants of God) were to be the celestial "gods."

But slaves were not just "rearranged." Man gets too big, too small, it is physically strong and tough, but not too bright, etc.

Not once, not twice the genetic changes were made with regard to life expectancy created being, and gradually the term of his life has been reduced from thousands and then hundreds of years prior to the current one hundred.
But it is then, when the man himself was to be fruitful and multiply — too active. A first sexual needs of slave owners in the plan were not included. But cloning eventually tired of the aliens, and Eve was created.

Our common ancestor did, of course, not from Adam's rib, but from its genetic material — its DNA. To carry out this restructuring 23rd pair of chromosomes, not by removing the male edge, and Y-chromosome. In females appeared chromosome set XX. And this genetic surgery is described, by the way, a very detailed (a hundred stanzas!) In one of the ancient sources, entitled "Atra-Hasis." Today it is read as a description not only of genetic regulation, but the cloning of the first people ("… seven were born male, seven — feminine … They were created in pairs").

Since then, the man was able to reproduce their kind. And the three sons of Noah, born at the same time, but with three different women, too, are genetically programmed to like the founders of the three races. That's why all of us — white, black, yellow — the same genetic code, but we have adapted to the different conditions of the earth — and the hot tropics, and permafrost. Why, you might ask? To space by "gods" did not do as much hard work. Or to later we were genetic material for further stages of hybridization. That, apparently, is happening now.

Case abduktantov

Now begs the assumption that all the stories abduktantov (people allegedly kidnaps aliens) — no, maybe not a legend. Including stories about hybrids, created by aliens in underground bases and large space motherships.

What is there, in fact, strange? If we are 300 thousand years ago, there were as hybrids, and now that we can use to create new hybrids. Maybe aliens are only concerned about themselves. Maybe for us, who knows? It is not excluded in fact, that it's time to add another 223 genes. Or 332. You'll see, become smarter, stop killing each other and destroy its same planet.

But perhaps we need to re-"reshape" some genes, to finally align the size of the infant skull and features a female skeleton. That is to stop in the end, all these torments.
Or "turn on" additional powers — such telepathic. That we stop at last lie. In any case, in the human material that has to be improved.

Here and merged into a single logical chain of three different lines of our thinking — Sumerian and Biblical "hints" UFO "mysteries" and genetic "discrepancies." No inconsistencies here, it seems not. That creature, which could give birth to the earth before the arrival of the Anunnaki primates, it was a bit dull, it would not do for new tasks — so it was very difficult to teach!

So the brain was rapidly "modified", though "in the image and likeness" of those who are engaged in these genetic experiments. True, "on", he was not at full capacity, and required (in terms of the Anunnaki) limits: too clever servant had too many problems — he kept edging disrupt forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge but to find out what's what. Much quieter, if just obediently work, pray and wait for the gods from the sky …

The case of Nibiru

Yes, the new creation has turned out not so perfect — vulnerable, painful arrogance. But remake something already once (it's time to fly home), so that a substantial part of the brain had to just block — for better times.

But skeleton, including the pelvis, are the same. That is, women still maintained a decent (vertical) posture. But, as described in the Bible, it was explained that multiply, ie, multiply, is not entirely comfortable with, "… I will greatly multiply your pain in childbearing; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children …" (Genesis 3:16).

And yet we still have to say thank you, that though in pain, but we still give birth, not cloned. At the same infamous "gray" alien head is big, "computer", but because women have long lost their ability to give birth: any gate, so to speak, this head will not go! So our genetics designers who from Nibiru, the world has been treated by a godly.

Because of the "typos" committed in the search for the Anunnaki on Earth and to this day there are many genetic puzzles. One of the intermediate hybrids, for example, could be the X-chromosome XY, and this rare combination occurs today — in sterile males.

Another mystery of evolution — Sasquatch or Bigfoot, also known as Bigfoot. In April 2001, the first magazine "Sayens", then the London newspaper "The Times" and the Canadian "Ottawa Citizen", and then by other media reported that British scientists have acquired a piece of orange-yellow fur of the shy creatures, and have analyzed the genetic test, but could not identify them. No one on earth or beings (including humans), which would be just such a genetic set!

Questions arise with respect to rare in Asia such as high (1.80 m and above) Caucasoid people who met there in the distant past. Proof — the so-called. taklamakanskie mummies discovered in a remote part of western China.

"Country" DNA have African pygmies and a few other low-growing natives thence. They obviously have created, disenchanted too large specimens.

In this regard, surprised giant fossilized skeleton that was found in 1999 in Mongolia, the Gobi Desert. Being it was like a homo sapiens, could speak and was apparently more or less reasonable. However, its growth seems simply unbelievable — about 15 meters! British scientist Dr. Touns said then that the creature "developed outside the laws of our evolution." And it was right about that! Here genetics-kosmity clearly overdone.

Because of them, and the same can not be explained by our 223 "exotic" genes: this is not ours, but "imported". It only remains to add that, according to the visionaries and the aliens-the Zetas, the next arrival of representatives of "exporting country" of additional genes (ie Nibiru) in our part of the galaxy is expected sometime between 2003 and 2013.

Maybe it was then that everything will clear up?

According to the magazine "The Incredible World"

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