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From today begins a national campaign, "Creating a new, save the best." Its initiators are going to immediately prepare and transmit to the authorities plan to overcome the economic crisis, as well as changes in the electoral law. Presentation of the Company held on April 29 at the office of the United Civil Party.

Economic and financial experts are preparing a program of the United Civil Party, election proposals — experts democratic coalition.

Chairman of the United Civil Party, which initiated the campaign, Anatoly Lebedko told reporters, Democrats can not only watch what is going on in Belarus. And the position of "the worse, the better" is not acceptable for them:

"We could now sit quietly on the bench and say, and we have 15 years ago warned that it will be bad with finances, privatization, or something else. But we have to give up this way, because we have sufficient intellectual capacity and capability to develop good suggestions. A transfer of government documents — this is for us and the work item with the electorate. "

How effective will the company largely depends on the support of strategic partners, said today Anatoly Lebedko and his deputy, Lev Margolin. Valery Uhnalou, deputy chairman of the party "Fair World", in an interview with "Freedom", said: Now is a good time for a very unifying initiatives, as the population of Belarus are feeling the failure of the economic policy of the authorities:

"And even more evident — the power does not offer anything, she was waiting for something. And ordinary people are suffering. So today any alternative, any change, any program simply welcome. And I think that today this is the greatest need of the day. "

For ordinary people in Belarus election issue in recent times is becoming as relevant as the problem of survival in a difficult economic environment, stresses Lev Margolin:

Lev Margolin

"If 3-5 years ago, the majority of Belarusian society believed in what we elections are not rigged, that they are conducted fairly and honestly, now, as evidenced by the sociology, the situation has changed. Around 60% of people do not believe that the recent presidential elections were transparent and fair. And so our suggestions are not only the authorities but also to the voters. "

Journalists were also interested in the fate of the former presidential candidate of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk. Questions the party leader said that Mr. Romanchuk will continue to work on economic projects:

"You are forcing me to turn out the same soul. Now I only

He swore to me, pabazhyvsya that no relationship — not to sign any document, or in the form of a blackmail — it does not exist …

held a meeting at which I asked the big question: "Yaroslav, you and I ate not one peck of salt. Which exists depending on the degree of your those people and those structures? You do have to answer as it really is. Because I know the truth — or the year, or two, or ten. "

He swore to me, pabazhyvsya that no relationship — not to sign any document, or in the form of a blackmail — it does not exist. I — a real person, I want to focus on the positive. And for me it was a very important answer. It does not remove many of the issues. However, for me personally, it means a lot. And then we will see. "

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