Run away from the flu. Doctors advice and antiquated methods

In Moscow overcome epidemiological threshold incidence of SARS and influenza. And yet, according to Deputy Mayor Leonid Pechatnikov, the situation is not going to decline. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko told reporters that he considers the most effective folk remedy for flu healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise (even just walking active outdoors) improve immunity.

People who exercise regularly, too, can catch the virus, but they have symptoms of the disease are shown in a weaker form. And they will recover faster than people who do not have physical activity, experts say.

In addition, the country's chief sanitary doctor advises Russians heroics and go when they are sick to work. It is fraught with very serious complications, not to mention the fact that you infect their colleagues.

Onishchenko also said that in the season lifting the incidence of SARS and influenza should wear a medical mask. In the autumn of the main sanvrach even tried to promote them as an accessory, which "helps girls get married."

Of course, at the first symptoms should see a doctor. But how to protect themselves from this dangerous and extremely unpleasant disease, if you are not in favor of vaccination and chemical drugs?

Someone remembers askorbinku (it — vitamin C), of course, useful, and citrus fruits — tangerines, oranges, lemons (if you're not allergic to them.)

Some believe in the miraculous oxolinic ointment: it one or two times a day to lubricate the mucous membranes of the nose, especially heading into the areas with large concentrations of people. Suitable for use 0.25% and 0.5% concentration.

Of folk remedies for centuries advised not to forget the garlic and onion. They can just hang around the rooms, and you can (and should) be — a little, but regularly.

In addition, aloe juice and (or) bow can bury your nose in a pipette or small pieces lay in the nostrils. And although it's not very nice, but, as we are assured by our ancestors, effectively. If onion juice burns strongly, you can dilute it with warm water. By the way, is on sale garlic pills — they are odorless, but experts believe that it is for this reason that they are not as powerful as natural garlic.

Returning home after a trip, or on public transport, it is necessary to wash their hands, and if this is not possible, then wipe them with an alcohol solution or disinfectant wipes.

Recommended as a good clean nose and drip saline or at least wash your nose with soap. Also useful to gargle with warm water: according to studies, it will reduce the risk of catching the flu by a third.

Good to strengthen the immune system is able to much more effectively protect against infection. And so we must not forget about the useful (especially during the flu epidemic) products. Besides the above mentioned citrus, it is also: salmon (source of fatty acids omega-3, which fight inflammation), yogurt (helps boost the immune system), natural honey (it is recommended to be used instead of sugar). By the way, a strong antibacterial effect have dark honey varieties.

As for drinks, the coffee is better, at least temporarily replaced with green tea and do not abuse alcohol, which weakens the immune system. In addition, you should try at least during an epidemic or smoke or smoke less, regularly ventilate the room and do a wet cleaning.

As often as possible is wiped common goods (especially handsets) and keys: viruses can live on surfaces for several hours. Of course, during the cold and flu season, you should try to avoid crowded places and try not to have contact with sick people. If this is impossible, you have to keep in mind the precautions and observe them carefully.

Recommendations on how to behave during an epidemic of influenza, and on the website are Rospotrebnadzor. Despite the fact that they were written 2 years ago, its relevance, these tips are not lost.

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