Russia increases the duty on petrol

According to experts, the decision on new export mytse gasoline seriously impair the financial situation of the Belarusian oil.

The oil crisis in the fuel market has forced Russia Russian government to take urgent measures. Since May 1, the export duty on automotive gasoline in Russia was sharply increased to 408.3 dollars per ton, which is 90% of the duty on crude oil instead of the recent 67%.

The sharp increase in duties on automobile gasoline was sudden for market participants and forced the government to Russia. Shortages of petroleum products in Russia was 15 years old. Now he arose from the fact that the authorities tried using administrative resources to contain prices. In February, the government demanded that Russian oil companies to reduce prices. They complied, but against a good global market significantly increased exports.

To avoid social discontent on the eve of the election campaign in the country by raising the price of motor fuel, the Russian government has increased the export duty on gasoline. Export duties on light oil products other since May 1, so radical as to avtabenzin have not changed — they increased from 283.9 to 304 dollars per ton, and on dark petroleum products — from 197.9 to 211.8.

The decision on the new export duties on gasoline seriously impair the financial situation of the Belarusian oil, which will now have to pay a much higher duty on export of this type of fuel, — the Tatiana Manyanok, columnist "Belarusians and the market."

On the other hand, the advantage for Belarus Refining is that Russia does not hit the duty for all oil products, but only on gasoline. In the structure of exports of Belarusian oil products occupy a major share of not avtabenziny and diesel fuel, while the duty on this fuel remained the same. According to the data, the share of exports of diesel fuel Belarus is about a third, motor gasoline and fuel oil — less than 20%.

In accordance with their obligations in the Customs Union of Belarus owes almost automatically set the "mirror" with Russian export duties on oil products.

Meanwhile, Russian government's decision caught many by surprise Belarusian officials — it adopted not only without prior approval from the Belarusian side, but without warning.

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