Russia’s international reserves have set annual record

International reserves of the Russian Federation on a weekly basis increased by 0.6% as at 19 October 2012. amounted to 529.4 billion U.S. dollars, said today the Department of External and Public Relations of the Bank of Russia.

Thus, the foreign exchange reserves (GCR) of the Russian Federation reached a maximum of 13 months will exceed 529 billion dollars Above this value, foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Federation were the last time on September 16, 2011.

Note that, according to previously voiced projected CBR, net international reserves by the end of 2012. Presumably amount to 505 billion dollars in 2013. they will be reduced by 5% if the price of Urals oil 73 dollars. / bbl. up to 480 billion dollars

Recall from the end of January 2012. Russia's international reserves are steadily above the psychological level of $ 500 billion in the current year, their lowest rate was recorded at the balance sheet date January 13 — 497.1 billion dollars, the materials of the Bank of Russia.

Russia's international reserves are highly liquid financial assets held by the Bank of Russia and the Government of the Russian Federation. International reserves consist of assets in foreign currency, monetary gold, special drawing rights (SDR), reserve position in the IMF and other reserve assets.

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