Russia’s international reserves rose by $ 15.7 billion.


The volume of foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Federation as of July 1, amounted to 514.317 billion as against $ 498.649 billion U.S. dollars at the beginning of the year. It is reported by ITAR-TASS referring to the Bank of Russia.

Thus, during the first half of 2012, this figure rose to 15.668 billion dollars or 3.14 percent. According to the CBR, the structure of international reserves as of July 1, the share of foreign exchange reserves accounted for 467.992 billion U.S. dollars, including foreign currency — 454.907 billion dollars, due to the SDR — 8.630 billion, reserve position in the IMF — 4.456 billion dollars.

The share of monetary gold accounted for 46.325 billion dollars in total international reserves. For international / gold and / reserves of the country are external assets that are under the control of monetary authorities and may at any time be used to finance the current account deficit, to intervene in the foreign exchange markets, which affect the currency exchange rate, or for similar purposes .

Russia's international reserves are highly liquid foreign assets held by the Bank of Russia and the Government of the Russian Federation as of the reporting date. International reserves consist of foreign exchange, SDRs, reserve position in the IMF and monetary gold.

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