Russia — the road to the New World

July 19, 2012 9:06

There are recent publications that address very ancient roots of the Slavs, leaving tens to hundreds of thousands of years before the Judeo-biblical era.

There is no doubt that much of their appearance is associated with a tragic turning point in the fate of the Slavic peoples and especially Russian, caused by the violent expansion of vulgar Western values in the post-socialist Slavic world and the need for historical self-awareness of the Slavs.
The first steps to address this issue were made in the 19th century in the works and V.I.Klassena F.Volanskogo. Like any new and rapidly evolving area, the ancient Slavic studies are not free from serious contradictions to those, for example, is a significant discrepancy between the archaeological and linguistic approaches.

 Some modern scholars suggest a new concept of ancient history, closely connected with the history of the Slavs and particularly the east, which is identified with the Russian. It is necessary to note the historical justification of this identification, for example, during the struggle with the Polish rule in Ukraine, its population identifies itself with the Russian, the term (Anthony) as "Ukrainians" came much later. Polish schism deliberately imposed southwestern peoples of Russia shameful "Ukrainians" (at the edge, the edge of the living), taking away the true name — "ancient Russians."
The basis of new scientific views on the idea of Slavic civilization Borean preceding the date and based on a high spiritual and psycho-physical state of our ancestors. The core of this civilization was a pantheon of gods of nature, which must be seen as a harmonious functional structure of the ancient gods.

Human history last millennia before the Judeo-hrestianskoy era deliberately considered by some corrupt "scientists", as alleged, the history of spiritual decay Hyper-Borean, ie Slavic-Aryan civilization.
But recent studies have revealed a high level of the ancient Slavic culture and the importance of the Slavic-Aryan literature.
Here the question arises:
"Why does modern civilization selfish owners virtually nothing is known about this vast reservoir of ancient human life, extending for hundreds of thousands of years ago, while all obviously important for our bazaar-machine civilization achievements of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire?"
Apparently, the fact that the right-Slavs were the spokesmen and guardians of ancient high lifestyle earthly people. In those days they were harmoniously blended nature of the planet, as were disinterested, thanksgiving life.
Once upon a formula of the Spirit: "Give as much as possible themselves take as little as possible." Constant due to different gods, elemental spirits, was in charge in all aspects of the natural life of the planet.
For the prince of this world, the Lord of the earth, the Aryans and Slavs were, as a bone in the throat!
And therefore ancient Greece and follows the Roman Empire became a vivid expression of a new global, darker phase in the evolution of mankind.
He was connected with the alienation of man from nature and the desire to conquer it.
At first began to appear more and more different formula of social life: "Get yourself as much as possible, others give as little as possible." But such a life any civilization, any planet in the universe leads to self-destruction.
In short, ancient Greece was in fact spiritually so poisonous seed from which grew the tree of our merzskoe bazaar-machine civilization, built on lies and hatred, have tried to suppress and forget everything that was related to the earlier Slavic-Aryan civilization existed tens and hundreds of thousands of years ago before the Greco-Roman civilization.
As for linguistic research, it may be noted that in many interesting findings, in general they have the character of folk etymology. In this regard, suggests a parallel with the pioneering work of V.Chudinova and F.Volanskogo on right Slavic Literature.
They found a grain of truth, that, in the end, led to the emergence of modern thorough work on the life of the oldest Russian Slavs.
In view of the high stupidity and ignorance, modern humans used to be a "crown of creation". Earthlings today, of course, the "crown of creation", but the crown is very rotten and unfit for further evolution.
Our distant ancestors Slavic sales Satanists and historian portrayed us as primitive "subhumans", crawling up trees and feeds on carrion!
This proved to be a lie sneaky Prince of Darkness and his black hierarchy!.
When we read in the Chinese chronicles of the "box, which could be considered" or in Russian fairy tales about the "saucer", through which can be seen anywhere in the world, we, with painful and frail brains can hardly come up with the idea that that in the first case it is about the unknown, "computer", and in the second case — the video system, the principle of which has not yet found a sly, smart Euro-Westerners.
However, in the Vedic principle sources of such a system is described, and quite different from the modern understanding of the ancient video systems.
Of course, many of us would be easier and more enjoyable to consider our ancestors stupid us, but we have to admit that they were more highly educated and highly-cultural beings. Therefore, in any information obtained from oral and written records of ancient history to try to find confirmation of the height of ancient culture and highly developed education, only then can you truly understand something and correctly assess ancient events, stretching for hundreds of thousands, a million years ago!. .
The reason for the commencement of the study served as the thought that now even the remains of skull restore the appearance of man, and why the remains of the ancient traditions do not try to recover the lost ancient culture? After all, it does not take much, "to understand the logic of the ancient world — and keep the facts will shape a clear structure."
Evidence of a high level of development of ancient civilizations, A.A.Gorbovskim presented in his book "Mystery of the Ancient History" make you think of a question: "Why did the ancient beliefs associated with so much of the gods?"
After all, according to the general conceptions monotheism — is supposedly the top of the development of religious thought, and therefore can not possibly grasp why an advanced civilization was endowed with such a supposedly religious "primitivism" as polytheism?
Delusional assumption that, well, after the Flood people dropped, ostensibly, to the level of primitive existence, began to invent new and new gods do not hold water. It turns out that the existence of a similar name in different gods of the peoples living on different continents, tells us that all peoples of the planet once had a common spiritual culture. And if you compare the older religion with later, we discover that the younger religion, the greater the distortion and intolerance. Islam — the religion of the young, the most intolerant of dissent. Christianity is more tolerant than Islam, but less tolerant than Buddhism, which originated in the six centuries before the Jewish hrestianstva. More ancient Jainism is more tolerant than Buddhism, etc.
In a word, went degeneration of religious thought, as a consequence of the growth of ignorance, lowering of morality in mankind. Moreover, the period of Heaven on Earth (described by almost all nations have kept written records and oral tradition) is not simply related to polytheism, but also determined by it, ie, thanks polytheism was possible Heaven on Earth (in different people this time was called differently Satya Yuga, Iriy, the Golden Age, etc.).
In times of Satya Yuga gods walked among the people …
XVIII century historian John Rajic said: "Mavrobin (Raguzinsky Abbot), speaking of Slavic history and citing various authors, the proof that the Slavs" infinitely great, and many people came. They had 200 domestic and selilisya on the add places that are the essence of the Taurus Mountains north of Cilicia in Oceania in half of Asia and Europe, even before the British Ocean. Their language is one, the glory of the name, then called Scythians. "
Outstanding Greek Thucydides (460-400 years. BC) argued that the Scythians is crowded race in the world and the Byzantine chronicler VI century AD Procopius of Caesarea, in his famous work "The war with the Goths," wrote that the Antes and Slavs were once one nation, and that the ancient Slavs called spores, ie scattered, spread across Eurasia.
"These tribes (the Slavs and the Ants) — shows Procopius — not controlled by any man, and live in a democracy (that is, in the true autocracy, where every man carries himself.) Therefore, they have happiness and unhappiness are considered a common cause.

And the rest, these people all his life and all the laws are the same … At home they not stone, and of wood and clay, with pointed thatched roofs resembling huts. Shields the soldiers from bovine skin, lungs, and all the weapons easy — spears of hard wood, which they are able to steaming and bending give straightness, bows usual, and quiver weave straps that do not get wet, the swords-long arm and short blades and sheath for them to do … Iron cleverly calls and such that our sword can cut, but the hack is not … against attacking enemies, long, closed quivers, they keep the arrows, poisoned by such a strong poison that if the arrow is hurt and ear, with life do not have time to say goodbye …
By the attack on others to take possession of their property and persons, laws prohibit them as well as the trade in human beings. Therefore, they do not have slaves, and working without distinguishing position and situation … The prisoners, if they want to stay with them, then get married, enjoy equal rights, and other dispensers and provide everything necessary for the road … They are not evil and cunning, and frank and good-natured … "
Remain among the Slavs — meant to live according to the laws of the Slavs, ie their Vedic worldview)
Authorities at the Slavic-Aryan was not — the head of each was inside, for the law of Cosmic Life performed by 100%!
Were in their prayer-nymphs who lived in the forest wilderness. They asked for help in distress or misfortune. They healed the sick and raised the dead, even if the law allowed. Many of them were clairvoyants. Their faith was unselfish, and if they do something, at the behest of duty, not a bribe. Some of them were priests, sacrifices, performed rites, while others indulged in contemplation and prayer. These were not available to people, many of them were silent.
They wore long white shirt, belted red belt, had long hair and beards. In their hands they always had cherry or boxen staff, and some, especially the powerful, it ends with silver or golden mace. This staff was a formidable weapon against all evil sorcerers.
"Staff" from the word "dry", ie kill — hence, for example, the ancient name of cancer or tuberculosis — "tabes".
Staff presented himself as a rather complex device — mace (from the word "fell" — shoot, bring the fire), intended for the accumulation of psycho-pranic force with special crystals, arranged with a certain focus on the field of clubs, with subsequent release of a beam through a thin silver or the golden thread that runs from the inside out through the scope mace mace handle.
In the Russian legend preserved evidence of warrior-witch of such weapons: cost to wave a club, and in the ranks of the enemy army appeared "street" of the corpses, and shrug — "alley." Such a crushing maces action was not an allegory, and not surprisingly, at the hands of an ignorant man, it was called "The Wands" ("evil" — that is evil). Therefore Mace especially guarded nymphs, and was their only "good", because besides her and silver figurines Small ROOF they had nothing. (Small ROOF — Slavic God — that God is covering / here — roof /, ie, which protects the whole world).
In each dwelling Incanter-magician hanging bunches of herbs for various diseases and dry flowers to KOLYADIN day, in which they put a figure of roof — the light emitted.
Magicians and talked with the owner of the forest — Lesobogom (grandfather Berendeev).
Heated bath, where movnitsah prayed. After movleniya, hot naparah, went naked, rolling in the snow in the winter and then jumped in the bath, still sweating. After that drinking herbal teas, healthy body, eating very little Rye bread and drank milk or ate the sacrificial honey. Meat and fish are not eaten. They ate more or sochivo kolivo — boiled wheat, rye, barley and honey, and oil is not eaten.
Their life was hard and gave nothing less than victory over their passions.
And if it came ognischane / villages, ie laity / then commit is required for them.
Ognischane lived outside the fire (fire, stove, candle), but the witch burning fire inside, the fire has thrown … Sometimes they gathered together and sang a total required.
Although they sought escape from the madding crowd, but life is not avoided. Women do not have and are not looking for. They dissociate themselves from worldly life, not because it despised good, but because they wanted to be closer to God, closer to the realm of the spirit. That was the school will. Join them was incessant, but not for self-mortification, and to health.
Searching in his life only the Almighty, they bedtime and before the morning dawn (two hours before sunrise, ie, the source of all life) rumor before the candle Thank the gods. Sage can be silent for years before it acquires Svarog (ie God's) word.
Only then did he begin to broadcast, and people came to him for advice, to walk in God. And, according to the ancient historian Ditmore, "arguments with the greatness of Heaven, they consider it improper to embarrass gods walls.
The Slavs did not build any churches, temples, mosques or synagogues. They do not try to squeeze into the endless and boundless something limiting and limited ».
The main meaning of his service to the Slavs is the glorification of the gods and the Creator himself and giving his hand.
The main public duty Sage — twiddle, to water it down and write on the water with a pitchfork. But the enemies of the Slavic culture (black spawn of Satan, sons of Saturn) tried to put this sacred-action in the eyes of the common people and empty futility. In reality, the witch, taking care of the welfare of the population, supplied the people with wooden billets-thumbs to make bowls, combs, pens, tools, weapons, etc. But the most important thing is that they were beaten, slashed and stabbed thumbs for each person at a certain Slav auspicious day and out of the woods, which was harmonious to the man. And in good time to collect water nymphs of the seven sacred springs of high medicinal properties, and mixed it, and then this water carefully pounded in a mortar.
Under the influence of psychic energy Incanter water became very bioactive and structured, providing the body better livelihoods.
To this water positive influence not only on the dense physical body, but also on his thin body, nymphs, her spiritual force charged with the sacred trident, symbol of the trinity of God the Lord, leading these "forks" on the water, and said the glory of God.
Thus, nymphs Created by holy water and supplying it to every family.
Varna warrior leaders were geth. Greeks describe them as the most warlike of all the other Aryan tribes.
Crepe Slavic troops were so-called "characterniki" (characterniki — literally owning hara center, the solar plexus, Manipur, hence the "harakiri" — deflation life force through the hara center, located at the navel, deflation "to Iran" — to Iriyu, Slavic paradise, hence the same values of har — knowing hara, with recovery should begin any treatment of temporary material identity of the earthly man.)
Kharakternyky in India still call maharathami — great warriors (Sanskrit for "Maha" means the great, great, "Rath" — army, army). These were the people who own the Slavic Spas. The basis of this martial art is the human ability to transfer his consciousness to more subtle levels of Being — first in the astral body, then to the mental, budhicheskoe and finally in Aatmic.
Our ancestors knew all his seven subtle bodies — think about seven Slavic dolls. So far in the Cossack environment are of the opinion that during the fight characterniki communicate with God (Which? This is another question!). In this state of consciousness warrior gains the ability to control the surrounding space and time, and to influence by suggestion on the minds of other people. In such a highly energetic state for it is easy to get away from any attacks, while he has the ability to deliver crushing blows to enemies.
The man who owns the Slavic Savior, has the ability to feel the approach of "their" bullet: his neck as it begins to fill the weight and chill, and he either evades bullets, or stops it with his etheric body on the surface of the physical body. This invisible to the uninitiated layman "armor" is called the Golden Shield. Some Russian healers still called hara center "spool".
One officer, a veteran of World War II, thinking about fighting the Nazis, telling of a simple soldier with the Dnieper — Trofimchuk, who served in his regiment gunner:
"He fought it from the very first days of the war and was never injured or wounded … Very often it happened that it remained intact even when the bullets, shells, mines or bombs mowed all around … If he was a third branch in the night search.
We went across the river, crossed together. He provided throw branches in the German trench for language. Language was taken, and the separation of steps back. Germans covered his mines. Nine people were killed and one soldier and wounded a German prisoner.
Trofimchuk dragged under fire a machine gun, then two more times walked across the river, bringing both injured.
Another time bomb fell a few steps from the machine gun. The entire calculation was killed, and the machine gun Trophimchuk thrown ten meters. But only just. Not a single scratch on the body was the machine gunner.
During the battles at Orel company he covered the retreat to a new line. Seventy Germans came to the gun at a distance of ten — fifteen meters. Seventy-machine beat on it, dozens of grenades exploded near his foxhole. Calculation fell, and kept the gun and Trofimchuk any fascists pass gave you … "
Similar cases have occurred with him constantly and naturally aroused the interest in him, and the old soldiers, and officers, and the youth of the regiment. But he did not like to speak on the subject of his invulnerability, but once opened it is still a source.
One day after the battle, together with colleagues sitting in the dugout, he said: "My dad, too, in the last war with the Germans in the war. She arrived with a full Knight of St. George.
I once asked him, "What about you, father, no bullet-it did not move?"
He replied: "I have said, the soul of the Germans never wavered. If the soul tremble — the end of the bullet immediately find you. " That is why the Russian proverb, which states:
"Fortune favors the brave, and a coward, and finds in the bush."

In the old five Slavic warriors were cut through the dense wall of Darius the Persian troops, deploy, were cut back and went back to where there were — in the desert. Horseman galloping into battle characterniki topless.
Caught on the fly enemy arrows, or simply avoid them. Fought with two swords, standing on horses. Healthy, full of strength Persians "went crazy" and could not understand. They fled in wild terror …
No wonder the French Emperor Napoleon I said "hide — this is the best light troops among all creatures on earth. If I had them in my army, it would have passed with the world. "
At all times, the Slavs, having Vedic worldview, not afraid of death, and inglorious end — the spirit of cowardice and betrayal. Becoming a warrior, a Slav knew that if he is killed in battle with the enemy of, then go to Iriy in Slavic paradise, to the delight of his ancestors, and if he gives up a prisoner, it will go to the other world a slave, keeping in Navi ( future fiz.voploschenii) slavery social status.
So nice Slavs preferred to die than to live vile, for the Slav, who died by the sword in battle, Perunitsa on a white horse (ie, in the spiritual body) leads to Iriy to Santa Perun, Perun and his great-grandfather will Svarog, ie is God Himself!
Our ancestors knew well that death is only a stage of continuous human life, as a way to transform their existence in the new forms of life, just as clumsy caterpillar turns into a chrysalis, and then — in a beautiful, delicate butterfly. The current confusion primitive materialist atheists about death persists in spiritual experience, for knowledge Cosmic Laws of Life and other worlds violates rejects death.
Slavs knew that man, blinded by selfishness and egotism of Satan, to identify himself with his gross physical body is immersed in anxiety, worry, and cares of the world of tomorrow.
He feels fear and hostility to people and animals, afraid of losing loved ones, fear of death, suffering, not being able to satiate their carnal desires insatiable, always subject to the opinions of others, depends on the case, the success or failure.
In such natures prevail devilish pride and vanity.
For such nature — stepmother: near people — the enemy; animals — Foes, and the elements of Mother Nature — is creepy villains.
For those who are dying with the Creator, with the Gods and to himself, Nature becomes tender mother. Wild animals do not touch them, and they obey the elements and spirits to serve them.
Ten to twelve thousand years ago, in the remnants of Atlantis and the death of the onset of the Kali Yuga, the gradual expansion of the spiritual life and touched many Slavic-Aryan peoples. At this time, the community instead of the Patriarchs, sorcerers began to rule the Monarch Knights up by the state with a standing army, who keeps order within the state and for its security.
Slavs once inhabited not only the East and the West. The name "Slavs" is a defining name Russow. Initially led Slavic tribe was enlightened or wise man, Sage-sorcerer. They are styled "nice" militant same Slavs called the "revered", ie Scythians.
-Mother Nature is reasonable and appropriate. Some people, it "gives" good physical strength to be soldiers and laborers, while others — the agility and the third — a special ability to fine and detailed work, four — wisdom, that is so great, "inequality", which is essential to the creation of any culture.
In accordance with the natural tendency of people Vedic social system of the Slavs had three castes: nymphs, heroes and villages.
Magus (Magi, Brahmins, Rahman) is the soul of the community, media and the Truth Verb law. They lived in the sacred groves or wilderness (from the word "empty" in the spiritual world, not the word "desert").
Heroes — the warriors (Kshatriyas — from the words "CSA" — storm and "three" — three), or Raja — from the ancient "ryadche" — the king. They are the heart of society, conductors into law the Truth. Previously, they had lived in the Kremlin, citadel, outposts, cruised along the Russian border and equilibrated two extreme forces of society — the clergy and the laity.
Vesey — villagers ogneschane, ie tax-paying population (remember — "towns and villages"). They were flesh of society, the seat of the law of social life and rituals of the statute.
Apart from these three castes existed estate — "JUDGMENT" (from the word "court", ie convicts). They are called "smerdy" (from the word death, stink), ie have because of poor lifestyle stinking body odor. These are the people who, by their unwillingness to fulfill the natural laws of nature / Dharma / outlined in Slavic Vedas, were rejected by the Slavic Kohn crimes.
Greek researchers divided the Slavs on caste: nymphs, shepherds, soldiers, farmers and swordtails. These three castes Slavs (in Sanskrit "Varna") literally means "color" of the aura of a thin body, depending on the level of spiritual development.
They were also called the names of various people: Volokhov-Alans, Goths, Rugova and etc …
Study of ancient civilizations engaged Nicholas Roerich, who published work on the subject in English. He has left a lot of unreleased, making it still inaccessible to the Russian reader. Laid a foundation for this research HP Blavatsky, to works which have to constantly seek for linguistic analysis of antiquities, by the fact that in modern dictionaries in ancient languages are too many "crept" deliberate inaccuracies.
Many researchers of ancient life come to the conclusion that the basis of the ancient knowledge lay Aryan Vedas, have had a strong impact on the system currently existing world nations. Using the remains of the ancient Vedic ideas beads scattered across the Euro-Asian continent, we can try to recreate a bygone world last Slavic-Aryan civilization and for the opportunity to respond to the question: "How the Slavic-Aryan polytheism while contributed to the creation of Heaven on Earth?
Our civilization, which by tradition we call "the Bible" is the fifth in a series of changing each other sub-races of the Fifth Root Race.
According to ancient written sources (Mahabharata, Ramayana, the Code of Rio, Maya, Avesta, the Bible and many others) in ancient times were the war between Light and dark gods Asuras, led by the Prince of Darkness. There was a war of the Archangel Michael, a fiendish army. This eventually led to the death of the asuras.
In place of civilization Asuras came Atlanteans also huge growth (up to 18 m), but is lost in the power to change the growth of planetary, biospheric and atmospheric conditions.
From this time until we heard the Russian proverb "seven genius", ie dimensions forehead were about 1 meter. It was reported in the press somehow finding a fragment 2 meter of the human skull. According to Plato, the ancient teachers of the last Atlanteans were killed in the remnants of their continent dive into the deep about 12.000-15.000 years ago, as confirmed by HP Blavatsky Space Builders, referring to the ancient pre-Vedic sources of the East, which are still not available to Western Euro researchers because of the low-fragmented development of their consciousness.
The era of the Fifth Root Race, ie Aryan culture, there was about a million years ago, and then, due to the degeneracy of Culture and civilization began to appear.
Aryans (boreytsy — the name of the ancient peoples)) were quite tall, according to the Russian proverb: "Oblique broad-shouldered" (forward seven feet — old Russian measure equal to 2.48 meters), ie growth in those days was like a biblical figures — about 6 meters. The last race of giants saw Magellan to Tierra del Fuego during his world tour in 1521.
By tricky selfish calculations church theologians Flood allegedly occurred over 3,200 years before the biblical era. And in fact, taken place disaster coincides with the date of creation of the world in the Temple, that is, at the time of peace between the warring North and South nations. But this time (according to the Hebrew Bible — 12,500 years ago), as alleged, the time of creation out of nothing, the Jewish god Yahweh (the Lord of the world, or the Prince of this world) around the world in seven days and the person (ie the Jews). We also know that this time coincides with the geological data on the global flood, which occurred over the loss Poseydonis Island, where they lived while the remnants of Atlantis.
To date, a whole galaxy of independent foreign and domestic researchers conclusively demonstrated not only the development of the ancient lost civilizations on Earth, but their superiority in many respects over our civilization, living in the time of night, in the minds of humans.
These independent researchers, using myths and legends, as well as new archaeological evidence proved that the ancient Aryans and Slavs built huge tunnels and routes running under all the continents and even oceans and seas of the world.
In particular, a tunnel linking Africa and Europe.
A network of tunnels found under all the mountain ranges (Altai, Sayan, the Himalayas, the Urals, the Caucasus, the Carpathians, etc.). Strange tunnels lie not only in the mountains, but also under the plains. Long tunnels stretch for many hundreds and thousands of miles.
Explain their natural origin is not possible, because the mazes and traps, so abundant accompanying these tunnels, not by nature.
If the person has ceased for any reason to maintain the underground in good condition and came down only after thousands of years, he also thought that the Metro was created by Nature. The water would have done the trick, the Metro would be converted into caves and tunnels — in a cave narrow corridors.
In the Indian Mahabharata, we find that the tunnels were built with the help of a light beam, ie with what is now called a laser, but it seems far more powerful than the current laser. The remains of these many widely branched underground labyrinths are telling us that the means of communication between the cities of the Aryans were mostly underground. The cities were linked long underground utilities, which could drive and fly unknown transport.
Asura (or Lemurians) lived in the caves, and then allegedly used the tunnels to the Atlanteans and Aryans.
As follows from the Greek legend of the Hyperboreans, as well as the Mahabharata, they flew to "Wiman," on silent air vehicles (both their names found in the Vedas, "agnihorty") and could build entire flying cities.
According to Tibetan legends and legends of some people (Dagon, Osage, etc.), people flew in the Solar Space and to communicate with other worlds, and themselves at the same time were magicians and wizards.
They used the unknown forms of energy and some special eternal lights. And HP Blavatsky writes in the tomb Tullia, daughter of the famous ancient Greek orator Cicero, was found a lamp, the light of continuously for centuries.
Aryan civilization (the first sub-race of the Fifth Root Race) representing a single general planetary culture, Slavic-Aryan were one people. This is indicated by such facts as the veneration of the bear wherever it is found, using some of the same musical instruments, both in America and in Europe and Asia, as well as many other facts indicating that once lived on Earth one people with a common culture and a common language. But fate (or the prince of this world) is not ordered as desired Aryans and Slavs. Therefore, they is not, but there we are, two-legged and selfish to say that "the harvest is great to Satan!"
Analyzing the Russian folk tales, we can say that our ancestors were able to fly on a magic carpet or something that lifts them into the air and transported over long distances. This effect can not be attributed to any of the Euro-technical innovations, as there is not the usual combustion of a nat. fuel.
They could also become invisible, using such unknown energy-invention as a "cap of invisibility." Looking to the magic "mirrors", they could see what was going on in any part of the world, and even were able to materialize things.
Let us remember the many tales of cloth on the ground, and the materialization of various items by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Indian magician, healer Sai Baba. Legends and fairy tales, describing such achievements, there have many people. All this seems incredible, incredible, fantastic, mystical for official bourgeois academics with carnal-physical consciousness, but it was in reality.
Modern inventors and scientists to date almost uniquely repeated many ancient invention and stories of our ancestors become reality. And this occurred because the gods were in the minds and hearts of the Slavic-Aryan and therefore help them in everything, no matter what they asked for: health, miraculous abilities, magical properties are manufactured objects.
The gods control the elements and different aspects of cosmo-planetary life, certainly went towards his obedient earthly "children", and performed the most incredible of their requests, but does not harm the rest of humanity …
Russian fairy tale about Emelya and pike just tells of the time when gods ruled the spirits of the elements have been with a man as a team, and the most absurd desires of the people they could have made up to, such as a stove at will Emelya, she went to the king . From this point of view, the euro-biblical legend of Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise, it is also understandable.
Indeed, it was the time in the world, where any desire, whim and every thought of man, half-astral and semi-physical, immediately implemented. Therefore, it was impossible not only to do, but to think of evil, but as soon as Eve (ie, the human soul) experienced the evils of selfishness and separation, Rai began to disappear (this is similar to the biblical "expulsion from paradise").
For a while it was so that any thought of committing selfish harm his brother, the man immediately carried out and, of course, do not go unchecked. If someone was planning selfish throw from Paradise and is applied to this effort, the next thrown out of Eden, became himself.
Evil, as a chain reaction, once established in the minds of semianimal selfish, self freed from man-Ray owner. Thus, humanity has been deprived support pantheon of gods and, ultimately, have been thrown out of the paradisiacal state of consciousness.
Explore the ancient rites and mysteries, we can see that the ancient Slavic-Aryans created the astral-mental constructs. Created egregors able to control the elements and influence on human life.
Egregors not similar to the known structures of the physical world as made up of the energy of words, thoughts and desires. Asked them to function they perform more strongly than any physical units and machines.
What is the mechanism for storing the nature of our thoughts, desires and deeds?
In physics, it is known that the oscillation frequency of media overlap.
Therefore, any substance, having been in the field of psycho-man for thousands of years will carry information about it. In the Vedas, this information is called akashic records, which, according to the Aryan Vedas, enlightened highly developed being able to read (Blavatsky, Roerich Family and other great ascetics of the world …).
Negative impacts on human nature are more due to the fact that the people of the Earth ceased to love and thank the gods of nature, the charge of a party of the planetary and cosmic life.
"The Nature of the Gods no" — it's corny reasons bourgeois Euro-scientists of the modern West, fostered by the Prince of this world, the Prince of Darkness material.
But in the opinion of some of the Enlightenment thinkers, however, there egregors, ie psycho-mental energy field, which is essentially a conglomerate of similar human thoughts and desires.
Usually opposite thoughts fight among themselves, and similar blend, so there are some kinds egregores different cultural and religious traditions. If, by the mass emissions of regulated mental energy to give egregore structure and to set (which makes sense to the Slavic ancestors), this egregore can become active creature with divine possibilities, able to manage events, as in a society, and identify one or the other way life on the planet.
The ancients did not so much ask their gods for help egregores as create, strengthen and improve their gods.
It is no coincidence in the ancient Russian language remained the verb 'worshiped', the original meaning of which means "God's creation."
It included: slaganie songs and hymns of praise to reward, acclaiming, celebration, slavlenie, thanksgiving, performing rites to the god-created egregore. In honor of the gods to carry out certain merrymaking and arranged disgrace, ie theater event ("disgrace" — the old Russian name of the theater.)
Art existed for the gods and arose because of them. Neither party was like no other, for constantly involved the creative potential of the people, which is why the extant ancient holiday incredibly colorful.
Our ancestors created the divine pantheon, but then in force for millennia Prince of Darkness doing its destruction. You can just list the methods of destruction used by the forces of Satan, as it occurs before our eyes, and now, without any conspiracy on their part.
For example, were destroyed Slavic Vedic temples. They crowned round transparent dome, made of highly flexible glass.
The significance of this dome was huge! Under them focused and held psycho-energy, so that these dome light, day and night, spreading a glow on the whole neighborhood. It is no coincidence in the Slavic-Russian legends and tales holy place called "shining".
The idea of glow is characteristic for different ancient peoples and reflected in the stories, myths and legends. For example, "Glissar" — a magical garden of northern legends "Younger Edda" — The Scandinavian means "shining."
A characteristic feature of ancient people — a visible glow of their aura.
Radiance aura Slavs was commonplace. Russian word-treatment — "Your Excellency" or "Your Holiness" — were connected with the radiance, clearly observed in the Slavic-Aryan Sage, Saints, many ancient ancestors.
The word "fingers" (in the hands of an Aryan) comes from the ancient Sanskrit root "to burn." It is also associated with the emission of rays emanating from human fingers, etc …
Visible to the naked eye of radiant aura speaks of great inner strength of the ancient Aryans and Slavs. The glow was caused not only holy, but also a special bio-psychic power.
Domes of Orthodox Christian churches are most similar in shape to the ancient Slavic temple. However, the modern Christian churches can not give even a thousandth part of the old glow, as their modern inhabitants long ago lost the high knowledge, away from the lives of the law of conscience, the law of the cosmos.
If psycho-mental energy field created earthlings, now filled with self-serving, selfish thoughts and desires, the trouble in the humanity on the planet to grow and spread.
So, if someone in the world is bad, and not all good.
All humans are locked in a stream of events, which can be changed only by editing together their thoughts and desires.
Sun light affects not only the event, but also to plants. For example, at the beginning of perestroika in the Soviet Union, when many people are in need, that of the world grain harvest has fallen markedly, threatening famine.
The real cause of this phenomenon was not in the whims of nature, and to the acquisition of the former Soviet republics of negative psycho-mental field, which is the same force acts not only Russia, but also in all the continents of the world.
It is high time to realize that the state of Russia depends on the state of the world.
Spiritual and neutered leaders in America and Europe do not regret the demise of the Soviet Union and did not associate this break with the forthcoming possible famine in the world, so are stupid "complacent" state. But the hammer is lowered, and the following major upheavals expect to Europe and Asia, then the crisis will spread to the countries of the Americas. If Russia can not cope with their spiritual problems, it would be beginning of the end of human civilization.
Of course, if would-be leaders of the developed countries to understand that the quality of thought carries a greater risk than the money and the physical environment, created by the production activity of human civilization, based on speculation and terry profit, it is probably in the world policy was based would be quite different .
Then the capitalist "politicians" and "political technologists" would disappear altogether.
According to Peter Tomkins, in his book "The Secret Life of Plants," a psycho-field has a strong stimulating effect on the growth of plants and animals.
The form of the ancient temple was able to hold the blessed life of Nature psycho-field around them, collecting the Earth's surface, so in ancient times there was a rapid growth of all living things in nature of the planet.
With the destruction of the prince of darkness in Russia, the Slavs, the imposition of alien pseudo-religions, psycho-mental energy field of Russia ceased to tune Plans Cosmic Evolution, so humans have now curtailed vegetation and tend to its gradual disappearance.
In contrast to the western pseudo-religions, such as the Australian Aborigines for thousands of years retain their faith in the gods of nature, to the elemental spirits have been able to accumulate a sufficient number of psycho-fields, they have some kinds of trees up to 150 meters, for example, the same eucalyptus, almost 10 times higher than today.
Our different types of trees and plants to reach large sizes, though always no shortage of psycho-energy emitted by people. Increased plant forms were in North and South America, while the evil Catholic euro messionery, ignorant servant of Satan and the Pope, not destroy their destructive activities of local egregores torsion fields, followed by the degeneration of flora and fauna of the Americas.
Sometimes, during the excavation of the ancient first-Christian churches in the foundation are strange metal balls, some would-be researchers believe that this is the work allegedly aliens. But this fact only indicates that the ancient magicians, nymphs, knew how to organize creative psycho-field and build ancient temples.
The presence of the pins on the domes of modern temples, makes balls for the Church useless — they are no longer drives the psychic energy.
In the mental energy are hidden enormous opportunities. American "Michurin" John Baksler, pleaded not grow cactus needles, cactus because no one else would be in danger, and cactus growing up without needles. He pleaded to one large apple and sweet apples, and it is "satisfied" with his request.
In all of these "miracles" psychic energy involved person. And if, for example, many people will be committed by the same kind of high psycho-energy?
The gods of our ancestors, egregors Subtle World, in addition to these cosmic gods, and were just at the amount of psychic energy people. This energy could transform not only one plant (changing his terms of vegetation, or giving it the properties of other plants), not just one animal (giving it properties that no longer exist or have any other animals), this energy could do purely practical things fixed in history, and still do not have any plausible explanation silly Euro-scientists.
For example, the psychic energy can lift enormous statues and giant monoliths of the high mountain peaks (the temples on the cliffs of the Himalayas and Tibet, the statues of Easter Island, the Iraqi Baalbek, etc.). Psychic energy can powerfully influence the physical laws of the biosphere and the interactions between living organisms. This energy can influence the laws of the physical world of the planet, giving the ability to create flying cities, described by the ancient Indians in the Mahabharata, as well as many other peoples in the legends and myths.
Many have heard the claim that all diseases begin with the head.
This is especially confirmed his research Wright German scientist who developed a way to remove the mental "locks" that are expressed in physical tension of the muscles and organs. This direction is based on the idea:
"If there is no order in the head, then it would not be in the whole body."
Similarly, the ancient proceeded from the assumption that if there is no worship of the planetary pantheon, led by the True Gods, there will be order in the society and the state, in the biosphere and the planet. In various embodiments of this idea is found in the ancient thinkers such as Confucius, Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates, Solomon, and many great Initiates …

Single ancient people first sub-race of the Fifth Root Race, who lived on the planet, the need for the war was not as to the gods showed their wonders.
The purpose of the Pantheon of Gods nature was different. Morphologically selected 12 systems of the body by chance coincide with the number of Slavic-Aryan gods of the Pantheon.
According to extant eastern representation of each organ is active at any given hour of the daily cycle of the planet. Pantheon is also the body, only the divine and 12 gods, above all, give him a creative and spiritual functions.
Pantheon of Gods — a divine being who controls the events, transforms nature, can create and edit it some laws and relationships, accelerate or slow down the evolution of life, to create new species of plants and animals.
The fact that this is the case and it follows from the ancient meaning of the word "creature", which meant — creation of man, that is, Magi by a pantheon of gods of nature could even create new kinds of animals.
It is no coincidence in ancient Greece, according to Blavatsky, there was even a science "diplo-terato-logy", develops mixed animals (mostly monsters, as a consequence meanness consciousness of the Creator).
Russia has preserved no stories about the relationship of the Gods, about their lives, deeds and acts, such as the Greeks or Romans. This may indicate that the latter lost or forgotten knowledge of the gods, and therefore replaced it with myths, just as in the ancient science called occult knowledge has been replaced by the dogmas and fantasies.
The gods of the Pantheon — the authority of the divine body, so come down to us of the ancient system of distribution of the hour.
Every hour, the match specific god, that is, each god was associated with the relevant body, as if he was the organ of the divine body.
The fact that the Pantheon is still alive, although significantly reduced, we can be sure, watching this amazing and seemingly inexplicable phenomenon of fashion.
The most simple and wrong explanation of this phenomenon, it is an attempt to extort from the respective monopoly of the consumer as much money.
The desire to make money, of course, people have but one desire, this phenomenon can not be explained. Everything happens involuntarily trendsetters who are established in, say, Paris.
On average, every 12 years the fashion repeats itself, and the repetition of this can be explained by the influence on people astral "gods." People of past civilizations made clothes that correspond to each of the gods, and wore them in the days and hours owned by the god.
But as each year was devoted to a particular god, then that god clothes were sewn for the whole year, with its special design and decoration of clothing.
In addition to the ornament and style, each correspond to God even by number, color, odor, symmetry, emotion and attributes: mandala (geometric shape), minerals (precious stone), plant, animal, food.

The main reasons for the high level of civilization of our ancestors, which is described by the historian A.A.Gorbovsky perhaps only two:
First … — holistic worldview and helped create egregore with divine possibilities. It was shown … and appears still to numerous allegations of various peoples (ancient Greek, Roman, Russian, etc.), all kinds of signs, prior to natural disasters, the battle between the people and examples of direct intervention in the pantheon of gods and the results of battles.
In "The Tale of Bygone Years" reported that during the Battle of the Russian princes Polovtsy River Salnitse March 27, 1111, Cumans seen riders in the sky, which hovered over the sky and helped the Russian troops.
… And the second — is the possession of a universal language that accurately reflect the world, to create and evolve every individual.

The legend of the Tower of Babel, we deliver to the Hebrew Bible and the "Code of Rio" Mayans, says that in the past the people spoke the same language (and, consequently, all the inhabitants of the Earth was one faith). Selfishness and the tower grew selfishness was very great.
As a result, she fell. Splashes of selfishness scattered around the world and since then people started talking in different languages. Two people describe the same event almost the same words.
The rising selfishness tower of the ancient faith, losing the true knowledge really collapsed. Faith existed for thousands of years and kept in a single common language and understanding of the world of nations. In the language, the underlying philosophy of our ancestors. But it was not just the language — it was the language of the gods.
"Doctrine of Life (Agni Yoga) written by different rhythms in many keys, but their effect is very powerful, because the mystery of speech possessed by those whose hands are written pages, and those who dictate. Was before the sacred language, whose words had a special sound, that is, fire, value. This language is still alive today, but it is available only entitled to enter our towers. " (Guy, v.3, § 11).
Ancient Slavic runic language, is not far from the language of the Space Gods, but it has gradually been forgotten. Indeed, any old books or large works written runes, no. This is mainly the inscriptions on the gravestones, on road signs on the arms, ceramic ware and other household items, the jewelry, coins and rock inscriptions. They are scattered all over Scandinavia, Denmark, England, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Greenland and even on the Atlantic coast of America.
Teacher of Light, "the Illuminator of mankind called the few people who have put their lives to the liberation of people from all kinds of slavery and, prejudice, ignorance, and all sorts of errors. And since people are immersed in their head and do not even notice their chains, the task of liberation is truly titanic. People do not forgive those who bear them freedom (from slavery). Because so many persecuted, tortured and killed among the best of humanity throughout the history of the world. Darkness always vehemently rebelled against them and fought with them passionately. And ignorance, hatred and delusion of men were always on the side of darkness. " (Guy, t.13, § 27. (Guru).
"If the world and the destiny of man in the worlds to bring the light and the people and everything that surrounds it, it is precisely at this point it toward the main conscious action. That is the state of his aura should be such that the radiation it was bright. And it's so hard in a dense world. The purpose of the Teaching of Life is, is to approve the luminous aura. Aspiring to the light, above all, it seeks to establish in the microcosm of his to become a beacon the world. " (Guy, t.13, § 24. (Guru).
The East and in Asia, home to most of humanity. It emerged and once gone, covered with glory, the great civilizations of antiquity. Not "laggards" and "backward peoples" now occupy these territories, and new forces and new souls incarnated people here wake up to the unprecedented challenges.
Already, economists predict that soon China, India and Brazil, and Russia will overtake the rest of the country. But who, if not Russia, the Russian Revolution, his example opened the way young people Ascension?
Thus, apart from a purely national, local revolution which overthrew the obstacles to national development, the Russian Revolution has absorbed the energy and aspirations of global, planetary revolution.
Actually, the February Revolution of 1917 had a goal of internal improvement. But as fate, thanks to the historic mission of the Russian people, which began only in the heat of the revolution in February home acquired global scale. Internal voltage, the internal and external contradictions, with all the known costs of the period, caused a huge influx of energy and unprecedented enthusiasm. It is this energy lit the other nations, it was she who changed the world.
Thus, the importance and the main meaning of the Russian revolution is a world-historical nature of it, the opening of the transition to the New World.
New Life, New World from the start up of the Russian national idea.
It was the hand of Russian make a turn in the life of the planet. That Russia will head the new stream of historical movement.
Losses of the Second World War, during healing, the years of stagnation, fermentation and restructuring — slowed and even seemed to have deployed Russian movement. But there comes a time, and the liberation of the people gets old cohesion.
People more clearly aware of their world-historical mission. Russian Revolution, the Russian mission did not die. The revolutionary movement in Russia — continues!

Embassy of the Cosmic Mind solar system, Embassy Arhats (Roerich Family) to Russia in 1926, has both known unknown side.
The words of the Great Master of Light Roerich (18 July 1926):
"True courage is to bring my letter (Great LOGO solar system), the most frightening people. Can not be expressed, about what the dangers were held in Moscow. The slightest doubt or shudder could bring destruction. That's why I asked to understand the gravity of the moment. Learn new idea to translate into action, and especially the involvement of anyone — work on another. Indicate the absence of doubt clears the way. I think the result of Moscow's important historically.
I rejoice phenomenon trip together. For you to visit — the phenomenon of necessity. "
(Records of the Altai Helena Roerich "I can see how incredibly glowing East" —
Roerich Bulletin, Vol. N4, in December 1991, St. Petersburg — Izvara-Barnaul-Gorno-Altaisk).
After a meeting in Moscow with members of the Stalinist government, Roerich called "for a conversation" in the Cheka, but the sudden death of Commissioner Dzerzhinsky into his office canceled the conversation. At this time, waiting for admission Roerich in his waiting room. When they left Moscow, we saw huge masses of people, whom were driven to the funeral "Iron Felix".
Appeal to Stalin's government remained unanswered. Alien forces of light "Judas-Bolsheviks", of course, could not accept the idea of Cosmic Light Himalayas.
Prince of Darkness and his "Soviet" have concealed from the governors of the Russian people and the fact of the Roerich came with a message from the Great Hierarchs of the Solar System Builders.
Mother of Agni Yoga, Helena Roerich (1933-36gg) wrote: "He (Stalin) had died. Teacher Light confirms that it will surely die (spiritually dead). I do not know …, helps structure. As a major Jinn tries to sweep dirt, because even dead hardships.
Living dead. Terrible Marat. A lot of energy, but the direction it is false.
He's very tormented by ghosts, feeds them, but do not admit to it. "
Courage knowledge of the Truth, no matter how bitter it was, to distinguish true communist.
Love to know the truth and the truth — this is a true feature-communist commune.
Answer selfish self can only Community Spirit.
"The community is the only sensible way of human cohabitation. Loneliness is a permission issue of life outside the community. All intermediate conditions — different stages of compromise and doomed to decay.
Who wants to devote himself to the true communism, acting in accordance with the fundamentals of the Great Mother. But, if someone wants to create a compromise, let choose the head banker, at least, his praise for spirited cynicism.
Conscious community excludes the two enemies of the public — namely, inequality and inheritance. All inequality leads to tyranny. Inheritance is a compromise, and makes a rotting foundation.
Why in the East worshiped Lenin? It is for clarity and dislike builds conventions, for believing in children, as a symbol of mankind "(book" Community "section 27).
In Russia, for the first time in human history, raise a red flag of the freedom of workers, the first parasitic exploiters were denied the right to rule and dispossessed. It was a surprise attack Lenin decided the outcome of the case.
Following this, there was a call to "learn communism!" Learn to build the Community Space format.
"Communism, supported by technology, will provide a strong aspiration for knowledge.
That community has to be the most sensitive apparatus evolutionary. It is a conscious community no one can argue about the current miroizuchennosti.
Every obstacle was aggravation dull vibration group.
Even a hint of finality makes it impossible to stay in the community.
Who will mark stupidity? "(" Community "section 27).
Who better to Nicholas Roerich and his family at the time was suitable for the role of the national spiritual leaders? But dark Kremlin rulers scared. Roerich later they called "a very dangerous man." Helping Hand Light Forces Brotherhood of Light was rejected, and His Messengers almost died.
"How did mankind (Earth) thinks to approach the Supreme without recognition of the earth governors Hierarchy (Light)? How can settle bond when humanity does not recognize the greatness of the chain of Hierarchy of Light? Thinking (humans) are so poisoned conceit that violated all the cosmic balance.
So, on the way to We need to take all allegations of the Hierarchy, as an anchor of salvation "(book," The Hierarchy ", p.338).
Message of Mahatma * Soviet government:
"In the Himalayas ** We know you committed.
You eliminated the church, which has become a hotbed of lies and superstitions.
You destroyed the petty bourgeoisie, became conductor of prejudice.
You destroyed prison education.
You destroyed a family hypocrisy.
You burned an army of slaves.
You crushed spiders gain.
You shut the gates of night dens.
You have saved the earth from the traitors of money.
You recognized that religion is a teaching inclusiveness matter.
You recognized the insignificance of personal property.
You guessed it the evolution of the community.
You pointed out the importance of knowledge.
You bow before beauty.
You brought the children the power of the cosmos.
You have opened the windows of the palaces.
You saw the urgency of building houses the Common Good.
We stopped the rebellion in India, when it was premature, as we recognized the timeliness of your move and send you all our support, claiming Unity Asia!
We know many constructions performed in years 28-31-36.
Greetings to you, seeking the Common Good! "
* In June 1926 N.Rerih handed Commissar for Foreign Affairs Chicherin this Message Space Mahatmas, the epitome of the Himalayan land and a note — "On the grave of our brother Mahatma Lenin" — V. Sidorov From the book "To the top." Moscow, 1988.
** There is Shambhala, ie The spiritual center of the world. Mahatma — is representative of the Great Cosmic interplanetary brotherhood of mankind highly Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and dr.planet solar system.
Shambhala was created millions of years of the Great Brotherhood to save the Earth and mankind because of treachery "Lucifer", which became Satan, the prince of this world, and decided to take the earth to their private property to turn humans into their slaves, and the planet forever to make its specific feudal principality.

"The history of all times and all nations shall be evidence of this assistance, which is hidden from public fame, usually offered at a turning point of history. Acceptance or rejection of this aid will inevitably accompanied by a corresponding prosperity or decline of the country …
The Russian government has been given a timely stern warning, and we know the consequences of his testimony severe rejection "(Letters to EI, 10.10.34g).
Large bedoyu Soviet era was also the forcible imposition of power-haves darkness of militant atheism and coarse vulgar materialism.
Lenin began with the assertion of universal literacy, to get rid of ignorance and obsolete bases, and his successors-traitors have finished creating the cult of the Bolshevik regime, the ruling party and the cult of Stalin's personality cult.
The strength and health of the state — in the people's love for the Fatherland, in honoring the worthy, in the midst of will on the strong. All this forms the basis of national morality, national self-awareness. But there is no morality, just like life, is not possible without the life-giving First Principle of Light.
Without Primary Source of Cosmic Life and rectitude best palace will become a prison, and living lofty ideals replaced gilded idols.
Rampant atheism reigned seventy years, yet not dried soul, did not deprive the Russian people, his deep Slavic spirituality. Do not mind, and the heart, not in dogma, as in the main, the man continued to follow the heavenly guidance.
Elapsed time, and the integral and important in new forms and new understanding began to return to its rightful place. It was in the time of troubles, in the light of the dawn of the East to Russia and to humanity sounded again spiritually word of the New World — Teaching of Living Ethics (Agni Yoga, and more precisely, the teaching space ethics, this earthlings Forces of Light Solar System).
Inevitable distortions transition error and sacrifice to take away much of Russia's forces were unable to prevent the main point — Russia's preparations for the final battle against the global scourge. It is impossible to justify any sacrifice without understanding its purpose. Paradoxical, contradictory period between 1917 and 1945, with its huge costs and great achievements can be understood only as historically inevitable price that Russia had to pay to defeat Armageddon. Nazism, Hitler possessed, as well as prevail in the Kremlin crime and terror were the closest instruments to be used the center of inhuman evil, personified by the western black mafia and the prince of darkness.
The Second World War was brewing and Armageddon predicted by the ancient prophecies, and decided the fate of not only Russia but the whole world.
On earth and in heaven, the unparalleled scale, the greatest battle broke out. In regard to the earth, there were objective conditions of transition to massive conventional war nuclear missile attack.
There was also the threat of eruption Underground Fire. The death of the planet in 1940, it split at such a turn of events would have been inevitable.
The main force that could prevent the action of darkness on the planet, was Russia. Much was made by the Prince of Darkness to prevent Russia.
Hence — the endless scourge of madness, mayhem, war, tormented and weaken Russia. Great sacrifice — that's really what were the years of the seventeenth to the forty-fifth. No earthly deeds Russia Sky would win.
Russia was not the only savior of the planet from destruction, but also the dawn, and the road to the New World. Even the old mainstay of the world — the West — with the birth of the new Russia was forced to live differently. Sprouts healthy forces in the rays of Dawn Russian steel awaken across the planet. But truly planetary revolution Russian Revolution made in Asia and the East, where the expected principal Dawn.
Himself a massive shift in the war industry in the Urals, the exemption from the glaciers of the tundra, the concentration and the actualization of world natural resources here and now — not an evolutionary accident. It is here intact until the time the planet kept its wealth. It is here, in the east of the Urals, the planet treasured springs of the human spirit. Here force recruited new people. Here the center and the center of the planetary will.

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