Russia will help Iran against UFOs




Eastern Hemisphere continue to terrorize the unidentified flying objects. What to do with them is not very clear, but it is clear that somehow this problem it is necessary to fight. In connection with the cases of UFO sightings Russia and Iran have agreed to jointly study this strange phenomenon.

At first glance, this news may bring a smile, but it is actually serious danger UFO is high due to the buildup of Iran's nuclear capabilities. This state is literally an epidemic swept the observation of the sky. This week, the Air Force Tehran had orders to shoot down any unknown or suspicious object had flown into Iranian airspace, which means that if the Iranian sky UFO appears, he does not avoid the execution of the anti-aircraft guns. A state media there are new reports of alien threats Iran's nuclear facilities.

"Flights of unknown objects in the airspace of the country in recent weeks increased. Their seen over Bushehr and Isfahan" — reminds Iranians daily newspaper Resalat. According to her, the unusual "luminous objects" were seen in the sky near Natanz, where Iranian uranium enrichment plant. One of those objects exploded, triggering panic among onlookers who were watching his movements.

Military officials are trying to calm the agitated population. "We developed the plans for the protection of nuclear facilities against any threat. Iranian Air Force on guard and ready to do his duty" — recently said Air Force General Karim Ghavami. And Iran is ill UFO over a year. According to news agencies in the country were observed dozens of UFOs, the mood is heated and national television channels. In April, state television showed a picture of shimmering white disc over Tehran. People in eight cities ran into the streets to see the bright "unearthly light pouring out of the clouds" — that is the Iranian metaphor. IRNA reported on multi-colored objects, which manufactured the green, red, blue and purple rays over the cities of Tabriz and Ardebil and the province of Golestan in the Caspian Sea.

To help in the fight against Iran promised UFO Russia, which solved the problem in the early 1990s, when the entire population of the former Soviet Union was panic-stricken about unidentified flying objects. The two countries underline the fact that "the expansion of bilateral cooperation, particularly in the exploration of space and the creation of satellites." The fact is that in addition to contracts for the study of UFOs, Russia and Iran stipulate the details of the agreement on the establishment of a satellite Zohreh.

They say that in addition to Iran, a number of UFO spotted over Indonesia, China and Australia.

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