Russian Black Sea Fleet marines began teaching at Feodosiya

The Marines of Black Sea Fleet (BSF) began a two-month amphibious exercises in the range (TIR) Opuk near Feodosia, said on Friday, the Black Sea Fleet captain second rank Nikolai Resurrection. 

"The personnel of the marine brigade Black Sea Fleet (BSF) took up a two-month field goals entering the amphibious training ground Opuk near Feodosia. Part of personnel and tracked vehicles delivered to the landfill BSF large landing ships and wheeled equipment arrived under its own power, having made 350 -km-long march from Sevastopol. advance team of security forces at the site expanded campground is equipped with parking and armored vehicles, ammunition supply point and a place to store weapons, "- he said.

In total, the exercises, which will end in September, attended by over 600 people and over one hundred pieces of equipment.

"To participate in a field exit brought propelled howitzer artillery battalion, an air assault battalion, a battalion logistics, mortar battery, engineering and amphibious company, signal company, and a medical unit," — said the Resurrection.

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