Russian Defense Ministry has adopted a new set of sniper Kord

MOSCOW, June 7. / ITAR-TASS /. Russian Defense Ministry has adopted a new set of sniper "Kord" 12.7 millimeters, said today Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"During my trip in the carpet came the good news — a small but welcome news that the Department of Defense has adopted a new set of sniper" Kord ", which was created just for the Degtyarev plant. 12.7 millimeters, a good rifle" — he said, in his lecture at the Government House in Moscow.


Rogozin said that as part of the same trip, it was decided to establish a special Kavrov laboratory that will develop the combat robotics, including the evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield or the scene.

"See, now attacks occur, undermining the so-called double. First the first disruption, everyone runs to rescue people who have been affected, and at this moment they are collected, the second disruption, and the number of victims is estimated in dozens," — said the deputy chairman of the Russian government.

According to him, that they did not, there should be fighting robots that will be able to evacuate the wounded from the danger zone, and with the help of electronic warfare ensured that the signal to undermine the second bomb.

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