Russian Defense Ministry has begun to create a special operations forces

The Defense Ministry has set up special operations forces command, said on Wednesday the head of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov. Unofficial sources claim that these units have secretly recruited officers. According to experts, these forces should be a mini-army capable of independently conducting combat operations using aircraft and artillery in any region of the world.

Chief of General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov said on Wednesday that the Russian Defense Ministry has begun to create a special operations forces.

"After studying the practice of formation, training and use of special operations forces of the leading countries in the world, the Defense Ministry has also started to create them," — he said, speaking to foreign military attaches in Moscow.

According to him, the experience of wars and conflicts of the XXI century shows the increasing role of such forces.

"Powered by the appropriate command, which is engaged in routine work and performs the actions plan for the preparation of the Armed Forces," — said the head of the General Staff.

Has developed a set of guidelines that determine the direction of development, methods of preparation and application of the force, he said.

In addition, said CHODs in the Russian army may be formed units to participate in conflict resolution outside of Russia within the framework of the UN.

"With regard to participation in the UN, here we follow the system of standby arrangements. They stipulated that the Russian Federation would be willing to provide air group, hospital and engineering company, "- Gerasimov said at a meeting with foreign military attaches in Moscow.

He said that such units as required will be formed and sent to the conflict zone in accordance with the Russian legislation.

"Peacekeeping is one of the important tasks of the Ministry of Defense. Creation of the 15th Motorized Rifle Brigade in Samara, that is entrusted with peacekeeping functions — direct confirmation ", — said the head of the General Staff, adding that the focus of the brigade — participation in peacekeeping units within the CSTO.

Deputy Chairman of the Central Council of the Union of Russian Paratroopers Anatoly Buoy in an interview with LOOK expressed confidence that the establishment of Special Operations Command forces due to the desire of officials "master budget." He is convinced that the units of the special forces and that are already in the armed forces that are capable of performing any task in all regions of the world. Now the Russian army has several teams GRU, and a separate Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment.

With a paratrooper, however, disagrees vice-president of the International Association of units "Alpha" Alexey Filatov, who notes that the present army commandos designed to perform highly specialized mainly reconnaissance tasks, while the focus should be on full-fledged military operations in local wars.

"Perhaps, after all it is understood that the doctrine should change radically — he said the newspaper VIEW. — We have to look carefully to armed conflicts that take place in the world. It is Iraq and Afghanistan, and Mali, and our experience in 2008. We must understand that our armed forces in the current structure and with the current complete set of personnel, can fit in the event of large-scale military action will mobilize the whole population, although I frankly do not see any prospect of such a war. I think that such wars will not, and if there are any conflicts, they will have a local nature, involving a small number of personnel and weaponry.

It should be well-trained forces, we can call it a riot, whatever. It should not be ground forces, it is not desantura, a powerful fist that can operate not only in Russia but also abroad, involving aircraft and artillery, technically equipped, well-armed, well-connected units. Center FSB special forces have long been fighting this way. All anti-terrorist operations are held with the support of artillery and aviation. Perhaps at such theaters of war, as in Afghanistan, or in South Ossetia, the structure should probably be a little different, but the training of personnel, the interaction — it is necessary to take something from experience. "

According to Filatov, the assembly of this structure began long ago in the Defense Ministry. "It took place not so formal, but the personnel already started picking up, and I know that some of the officers who served in our unit, recruited in the Department of Defense to create such a unit. I think this is a real-time response, understanding that if there will be any actual fighting, it will take quite not the army, to which we are accustomed, "- he said.

"After the intelligence needed to fight. But the GRU is unable to fight — said Filatov. — It can destroy an object, take a language, etc. And here it is necessary to fight against the enemy strength, assume 500. Contemporary conflicts — is not an army on the army, the front of the front as before. But this is not the anti-terrorist operation, where we have an enemy numbering 20-40 people, and therefore a force of 100 people with heavy armored vehicles and two helicopters may solve the problem. It also may require pinpoint artillery strikes, fighter aircraft. And this problem is not internal forces, not GRU, which is engaged in the exploration, not the FSB, which is engaged in the fight against terrorism, namely the Ministry of Defence.

The main problem — see the question of interaction with other branches of the military. We do not have this experience. For example, surgery may be necessary to use 300 special forces, tank company, and five destroyers. "

"In my view it should be the mini-army, which has at its disposal all the means of suppression effects, fire contact, ranging from short trunks to heavy weapons and tanks. In the mountains of Dagestan in the beginning of the Second Chechen we had contact with the Army artillery. We did not have that experience — we are fighting against terrorism, we have no artillery, we not imagine what it is. A Defense Ministry commandos that have to study the interaction with the aircraft, and artillery. This should be a powerful fist with a sufficient set of forces and means, "- he concluded.

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