Russian Defense Ministry has received the latest batch of helicopters-jammers

MOSCOW, June 27 — RIA Novosti. The Russian army has received the first batch of new helicopters, directors jamming based on the Mi-8, said in an interview with RIA Novosti chief designer of systems and electronic warfare, Deputy General Director of JSC "Concern Radio-electronic technology," Yuri Majewski.

"Concern has delivered the first batch of helicopters-jammers on the basis of the Mi-8 is fundamentally different from its predecessors (Mi-8PP). This technique is capable of providing electronic jamming detection and reconnaissance, as well as the protection of aircraft from hitting all types of modern aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles, "- said Majewski. 

When the party was set up and in what amounts, the agency did not elaborate, citing privacy.

Asked about other applications, Majewski said that a lot of them. "More than 12 types that include both air and ground systems. Detail of their performance characteristics can not speak, because everything about the development work commissioned by the Ministry of Defence, has stamped" Top Secret. "I can report that enterprises concern is the mass production of ground-based jamming, intelligence and control. troops also come onboard defense systems for aircraft and helicopters, "- he explained.

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