Russian Defense Ministry is experiencing several domestic UAV for the Army

Russian Ministry of Defense is testing several unmanned aerial vehicles produced in Russia in the interests of the Army. In an interview with "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" said Commander of the Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin.

"State tests are conducted aerial reconnaissance complexes near field" Aileron-3 'with a range of up to 25 kilometers and "Aileron-10" (50 kilometers) of PJSC "Enix" (Kazan) "- quoted Chirkina agency.

According to the commander, to conduct official tests are also preparing unmanned systems "Tachyon" production "Izhmash" range of up to 40 kilometers and "ZALA421-08" (manufactured ZALA-AERO) radius of up to 15 kilometers. Previously, told Chirkin, the Defense Ministry has completed testing multi-UAV "Orlan-10" with a range of up to 120 kilometers.

Timing of the possible adoption of new drones for weapons and their value is not specified.

Tests drones, as explained by Colonel-General, held within the framework of a comprehensive re-units of the Land Forces. In addition to the UAV in 2015 for the needs of NE planned to buy systems for reconnaissance, control and communications (CRUZ) "Sagittarius" and armored vehicles, "Lynx", produced under license from the Italian Iveco. Air defenses, in turn, will receive anti-aircraft missile system S-300V4, "Buk-M3", "Tor-M2", and portable air defense missile systems, "Willow."

In the rocket-artillery units, according Chirkina, planned to supply tactical missile complexes "Iskander-M", multiple launch rocket systems "Tornado-G (C)," self-propelled howitzers, "MSTA-S", as well as self-propelled anti-tank missiles "Chrysanthemum-C."

Combined arms and tank units will receive a T-72B1 tanks (2), upgraded to the level of T-90 tanks and armored personnel carriers BTR-82A.

In April 2012, the Defense Ministry reported on plans in 2014 to test the first drone strike in Russia.

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