Russian Energy Ministry approved the program of development of the EES Russia in 2013 — 2019 years

The main purpose of the document is to promote the development of network infrastructure and generation capacity, as well as ensure compliance with the long-term and medium-term demand for electricity and power.

The main objectives of the scheme and the program are to ensure reliable operation of UES of Russia in the long term, coordinated planning of construction and commissioning (decommissioning) power grid infrastructure and generation facilities and information support of the public authorities in the formation of public policy in the electricity sector, as well as commercial organizations and tehnologchisekoy infrastructure industries of electric power industry, electrical energy potrebeiteley and investors.

The document contains the following sections:

Forecast of demand for electric energy in the Unified Energy System of Russia and the territories of the Russian Federation in 2013 — 2019 years.  

The total demand for electricity in the UES of Russia by the end of the forecast period is estimated at 1,151.0 billion kW • h, which is 134.5 TWh • h higher volume of electricity in 2012. The excess of the level of 2012 to 2019 is estimated at 13.2% of the average annual growth for the period of 1.79%.

Weather maximum electrical load of the Unified Energy System of Russia, united energy systems and in the territories of the Russian Federation in 2013 — 2019 years.

Promising the maximum electrical load UES of Russia in 2019 is expected to reach 175,315 MW, which corresponds to the average annual increase in the load. about 1.5%.

Forecast the required increase capacity to meet the demand for electricity for the period 2013 — 2019 period.…eports/report2003/map.jpg(Increase)

If accepted levels and modes of power consumption projected combined maximum consumption in the UES of Russia at the 2013 amount to 158,659 MW by 2019 will increase to 175,315 MW, and excluding East IES — 153957 MW 169407 MW, respectively.

The absolute value of power reserve in the UES of Russia at the 2013 level should reach 32,445 MW at the level of 2019 — 35870 MW.

With a projected combined maximum consumer regulatory estimated reserve capacity and exports of specified power demand for power in the UES of Russia will increase with the expected 194,764.7 MW in 2013 to 215,150.7 MW at the level of 2019.

Commissioning of new generating capacity (with a high probability of realization) in power UES of Russia in the period of 2013 — 2019 years are provided in the amount of 32,770.9 MW, including NPP — 11,267.6 MW, hydro — 2,483.5 MW pumped storage at — 980 MW, the power station — 18,027.8 MW and renewable energy — 12 MW.

Planned volumes decommissioned generating capacity in power EES Russia in 2013 — 2019 in the amounts of 18,985.8 MW, including nuclear power plants — 8274 MW and thermal power plants — 10,711.8 MW, including a replacement — 495 MW.

The volume of equipment that does not meet minimum requirements for participation in the PTO, make total for the period 2013 — 2016 years of 7,853.9 MW, of which the owners planned for the decommissioning of 1,731.5 MW.

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