Russian human rights activists are forced to leave Belarus

Two Russian human rights activists — Victoria Gromov and Alexander Mnatsakanyan have during the day to leave Belarus. This is "Radio Liberty" said Victoria Gromov.

According to Ms. Thunder, the First of district police late last night both human rights activists demonstrated documents according to which they are included in the so-called lists of banned on the territory of Belarus. Victoria to Thunder this ban is in effect until March 31, 2012, for Alexander Mnatsakanyan — up to May 31, 2013.

"No one has explained to us why we have included in these lists. Moreover, we were told that no one will ever explain," — says Victoria Gromov.

Victoria Gromov, Alexander Mnatsakanyan, as well as three other citizens of Russia — Irina Paykachava, Yuri Zhyblade, Love Zakharova and a citizen of Ukraine Volodymyr Chemerys evening of May 4 were detained in the human rights center "Viasna" and near it. The office planned presentation of the report on the events of December 19 2010 in Minsk.

The first of the police department released Vladimir Chemerysa, then — three Russians. No charges brought against them were not, did not explain the reasons for the detention.

According to employees of the International Observation Mission in Belarus, detentions are an attempt to disrupt the presentation of the report on the events of December 19. It produced a special rapporteur of the Committee on International Control over the situation with the human rights Neil Zharman in Belarus and a group of international experts on freedom of peaceful assembly.

International Observation Mission recalls that earlier in the list of banned were two citizens of Russia — human rights activist Andrei Yurov and Nikolai Kondratenko. Also on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border was removed from the train and sent back to Kiev Ukrainian human rights activists Maxim Kitsyuk, Marina and Michael Tsapok Kamenev.

As reported by on the official website of the Committee of international control, will continue the presentation "Belarusian" report McVeigh, Brussels, Vilnius and other cities.

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