Russian human rights activists in the list of banned in Belarus

Love Zakharova Russian citizen Irina Paykachova Karastsyaleva and Catherine, who were detained on the evening of May 5 in Minsk, Belarus must leave within 24 hours.

Such an order rendered by representatives of human rights activists of the Belarusian authorities.

Love Zakharova said the correspondent of "Freedom", "We have issued in the Soviet police department reports according to which we are in the list of persons whose stay in the territory of Belarus is undesirable or prohibited. According to them, we have to leave Belarus within 24 hours. And we are prohibited from entering Belarus for two years. "

Love said that together with Irina Paykachovay and Catherine Karastsyalevay represent international observation missions. Human rights activists have arrived in Minsk to be monitored courts over participants in the events on December 19, to analyze the situation of human rights in Belarus.

We do not represent a danger to us expelled.

Zakharova"I think that the work of the Belarusian authorities in some sense an extreme. After all, we do not represent a danger to us expelled. We have not broken any laws. During the week, for 5 people from Russia were deported from Belarus without explanation, and the grounds on which the grant of such a message. "

May 4 in Minsk had The presentation of the report, which was thwarted by the detention of Russian human rights activists.

Zakharova"The report of an independent assessment of events on December 19 in Minsk. According to the report, it's hard to blame the people who are tried in the riots. Perhaps such a reaction of the authorities of Belarus due to the fact that we observe directly the judicial process. "

For the last two months of entry to Belarus was banned 10 Russians and Ukrainians — members of the International Observation Mission. There was also expelled from Belarusian head of the International Observation Mission, development director of the Moscow Helsinki Group — Andrei Yurov.


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