Russian Ministry of Education is going to fund the development of micro-CHP

The state will fund the creation of a setup that can run on natural gas, peat, coal, wood, wind, and Sun.

The Ministry of Education and Science is going to fund the development of micro-CHP future —hybrid setup, that can run on gas, peat, coal, wood, wind, but wherein the primary energy source is the sun. Such micro-CHP will generate heat and electricity to small villages and farms, where there is no centralized power supply. On the creation of the main part of the installation ministry is ready to spend 130 million rubles. The "wet-steam microturbine installation" is implemented in the framework of the federal target program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2007-2013".

February 17, 2012

Now about Two thirds live on Russian territory autonomous energy supply — There are imported fuel in advance. The sun and wind do not need to bring in, but in the case of the temporary absence of the control system must switch to conventional fuels. Previously Energy believed that in small towns do not have to create a photovoltaic power generation, enough to push back the power lines, transformer and have the boiler room. But in the case of wire breakage people remain without electricity and heat — boiler does not work without electricity.

— The Russian system will be a key element mikroenergokompleksa, which, depending on the region bud

is equipped with a conventional sources of energy and solar panels, as well as be able to use wind energy — says Vladimir Parsukov, leader NGO "Don technologies"— Complement the complex will be automation control system, which can balance the energy turbine. The purpose of development — to create a competitive setting for the federal program for low-rise construction and energy-efficient housing. Housing for these programs should be obtained cheap, but the price for its connection to the networks get super high. 

Experts believe that in the case of successful trials can begin mass production of plants for the Russian market, but in the efficiency of solar energy while they do not believe.

— Energy advocate for change in the concept of energy, to improve energy security and quality. This includes an emphasis on distributed energy, so that settlements had their own independent sources of energy. Power plants of up to 100 kW — says Oleg Popel, Head of Laboratory of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Joint Institute for High Temperatures— We have to ensure the stability of solar cells is unlikely. In most of the countries of the world just is not enough, and if you use the special hubs, but they still capture only 46

— By conventional station can always be added by the installation of wind energy, the sun. Including the biogas plant. It is important to understand that when we talk about the use of solar or wind energy, to ensure sustainable production of electricity through them we can not —
 says Sergey Chernin, president GC "Corporation" GazEnergoStroy "— Solar panels at night, not at all. By windmills situation is on the same level. If we talk about the combination of traditional and non-traditional sources of energy, it is necessary to develop the traditional setting was many times more. Then the fluctuations in production from unconventional sources will be less visible and critical. % Of the sunlight.  The weak side of solar and wind energy — the instability of their receipt.

Tests unique installation will take place on the housing and real objects should be completed in the next year.

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