Russian Ministry of Industry and carries a massive modernization of machine-building complex

The Russian market of machine tools, which amounts to more than one billion euros, is restored. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Gleb Nikitin at the International Investment Forum "Conditions and prospects for production of metal-working equipment of the Russian Federation", which was held March 5, 2013 in Moscow State Technical University "STANKIN".

"Now in the machine tool industry tipping point — there is a massive modernization of machine-tool set, which may be paid for by the federal budget, and due to the capacity of the enterprises. The situation in the Russian market corrects, not least in connection with the beginning of the implementation of government measures to modernize the Russian machine-building "- said Gleb Nikitin in his report on the" Status and prospects of Russian machine tool industry. "

The deputy head of Industry and Trade of Russia, marking problem areas in the industry, said in the first place intent departments in the long run reduce dependence on Russian machine-building enterprises of import products.

"The needs of Russian enterprises in the new machines in recent years, mainly satisfied by imports, this situation is unacceptable for Russia as a country with its own advanced high-tech mechanical engineering," — said Gleb Nikitin.

Another problem in the Russian machine-tool industry, according to Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, is the industry's lack of big business.
"In the Russian machine-tool no large integrated structures and big business in general, has a negative impact on the financial potential of the Russian machine tool industry and its ability to attract credit resources", — said the deputy head of the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry.

Noting the role of cooperation with foreign partners, Gleb Nikitin noted major opportunities offered to them in connection with the activities implemented Minprotorgom Russia. Among them, in particular, the ability to attract foreign developers in the project as subcontractors and direction of the project costs for the purchase of foreign know-how and the development activities of the State Engineering Center, located in the MSTU "STANKIN."

"Engineering Center serves as a basic organization of sub-program for the development of the Russian machine tool, conducts dozens of projects to develop new tools, assesses applications by Russian enterprises 56th decision of the Government. In the face of the engineering center foreign machine manufacturers have a partner that can carry out information and methodological support of investment projects in Russia ", — said Gleb Nikitin.

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