Russian Navy flotilla headed for the coast of Syria

Russian naval flotilla headed for the coast of Syria

Large anti- ship "Admiral Chabanenko "and three huge landing craft came Tuesday from Severomorsk hiking in the Mediterranean Sea. As reported by" Interfax "referring to the military-diplomatic source, in this campaign to the ships of the Northern Fleet will join the watchdog ship Baltic Fleet, "Yaroslav the Wise" and auxiliary vessels of the fleet.

In addition, according to Reuters, from Sevastopol to the eastern Mediterranean in the morning on July 10 released the Black Sea Fleet destroyer "Sharp-witted."

Interlocutor of "Interfax" said aboard ships of the Northern Fleet units are Marines. It is expected that all went to the campaign ships will drop to the point of logistics in the port of Tartus.

According to the source, campaign Ships nothing to do with the current crisis in Syria, and held "in accordance with the plans of combat training of the Navy." In Tartous, the ships will join the supplies of fuel, food and fresh water.

As expected, the campaign ships will take several months and be completed by the beginning of October this year.

With the features of the BOD "Admiral Chabanenko "can be read carefully by this link, with TTC "Yaroslav the Wise" — for this, detailed story of the landing ship "Caesar Kunikov" — here.

A month back, NBC has reported the shipment to Syria, Russian marines, but if this information is not confirmed.

It should also be noted that in the area, which are sent Russian ships, a few days back began naval exercises of NATO, which are participating frigates from Turkey, Germany and France.

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