Russians — among the most unemotional

If you thought that the Georgians were very emotional, I hasten to disappoint in terms of peace they may have even surpassed. So says Gallup, and he knows how to count.

Singapore and the Philippines — geographical neighbors, but between them a huge emotional abyss. A new study by Gallup showed that Singaporeans are the least express positive or negative feelings on a daily basis, while the Filipinos exclusively emotional.

For three years (2009 to 2011) polled the residents of more than 150 countries at the age of 15 years and older (about a thousand from each country in the year). Respondents were asked whether they had ten emotions of the previous day: five negative (anger, stress, sadness, pain, anxiety) and five positive emotions (felt well-rested, smiling and laughing a lot, respected, experienced fun and learned something or did something interesting.)

Russians - among the most unemotional

In Singapore, only 36% of the population is experiencing these feelings daily. In second place were unemotional Georgia and Lithuania — by 37%. 38% from Russia, Madagascar, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Nepal.

Meanwhile, the Philippines topped the list of countries with the most emotional 60%. Then there are El Salvador (57%), Bahrain (56%), Oman, Colombia (by 55%), Costa Rica, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Nicaragua, the United States (54%) .

While the inhabitants of the Middle East and North Africa are more often experience negative emotions, and the leaders on this indicator were Iraqis, Palestinians and Bahrainis. In Latin America, by contrast, is all well and led a kind of Carnival Panama, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

It would seem obvious that the "negative" prevails in countries experiencing economic difficulties, riots, revolution. However, a simple revenue growth and stability do not make people happier. While in Singapore, one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world and one of the highest GDP per capita, the residents of the city-state is rarely experience positive emotions.

Social scientists believe that it is not material wealth, but in the general sense of well-being. For example, a Gallup poll, conducted in 2005? 2006, showed that while the U.S. GDP per capita is in first place in the world, by the sense of prosperity are only sixteen, and the level of enjoyment of life — one hundred twenty-six of the thirty-two .

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