Ryhor Baradulin: Without hope, there is no health

The health status of the national poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin improved. He writes poetry, which promises to read listeners Liberty immediately after discharge from the hospital.

A few days back health of the national poet Gregory Baradulin deteriorated. He was in intensive care in one of Minsk hospitals that took place April 2, scheduled treatment. But now he's better. He was transferred from intensive care to the medical department, said the poet's wife Valentina.

"His condition has improved, has no temperature today and yesterday was normal. But sometimes 37-37, and then all of a sudden 38, 38 and 5. Cough and stayed, and a terrible headache."

The cause of the cough doctors can not find out for sure. Made of lungs, the heart, but did not find anything alarming, says Valentina:

"They are all spihvayuts on Parkinson's disease, but this is nonsense, of course. Cough and temperature — what is Parkinson's Folly."

Coughing Ryhor Baradulin could not read for our listeners new poems I had written at the time of treatment. But he promised that are sure to please his many fans as soon as discharged from the hospital. Now, however, asked me to give thanks to everyone who cares about their health, and wished them good health and hope for better times for Belarus:

"I want them to be healthy, cheerful, happy, so as not to hurt and hoped for the best, because the only hope of giving health. Long live Belarus!"

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