Sands of the Sahara keep the secrets of ancient civilizations

African Sahara desert is now one of the largest and most arid in the world. But its territory is not always covered hot endless sands.

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In various parts of the desert, scientists have found traces of the once existed there of the ancient civilizations — cave paintings and carved images. Of greatest interest are the frescoes found in the rocky plains of the Tassili. They are a huge number of scientists share the frescoes in several groups belonging to different eras.

For all tassiliyskih frescoes are typical images of figures of people with round heads and a loincloth. The oldest looks simple, the details hardly legible. The figures on the rock surface coated in a chaotic manner, the researchers found in their mutual arrangement of a certain sense.

In the later layers of frescoes are of higher quality in all respects. By figurines "Roundheads" people added some mysterious creatures with horns and a variety of weapons — sticks, hatchets. Over time, the images appear at home, their interiors. The murals are beginning to talk about the life of people of different ages. For example, you can see how a man chopping wood, shepherds graze their cattle, women are engaged in household work. On the uppermost layers of the figures become like living. They are detailed and well drawn.

Tassiliyskie murals hide many wonderful and mysterious. Often there are pictures that are difficult to explain from the perspective of a modern man. For example, there is a picture of a man emerging from eggs covered with concentric circles. Elsewhere you can see the swimmer with excessively long arms that keeps the man crouched behind his head, pulling him along. All this is very interesting and it is not clear.

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