SAS — English regiment special aeronautical British Special Air Service Regiment, which is one of the first special forces in modern history. It was created in 1947 during the reorganization of the army after the second World War to the present day is known that the ongoing operations it actually always end «unqualified success.» Serve in this special unit — a great honor, because try on camouflage SAS will be worthy of only the most courageous players Medal of Honor Warfighter!

SAS, together with the Special Boat Service, Special Reconnaissance Regiment and the Special Forces Support Group destination sformirovyvaetsya Troops spacialist England UK Special Forces. 22 SAS Regiment was formed in 1941 from volunteers airborne troops, and formed entirely by 1947. SAS is the main task: holding special military tasks, counterterrorism operations both within the country and abroad, preparation of special forces soldiers from other countries, the training techniques of guerrilla warfare and actions in unexpected criteria and much more. SAS soldiers and civilians invites individuals, but in the 22nd regiment recruits come only from army military units, one third of whom are volunteers airborne units. Due to the complexity of the particular tasks assigned to these units, candidates undergo a painstaking selection, with all this crucial given their political loyalty and motivation of the choice of this military specialty.
SAS is presented in three regiments: 21st, 22nd and 23rd, any of them has its own purpose. 21st and 23rd Regiment are supporting forces, and focus on increasing the impact of the British forces are also involved in operations to settle armed conflicts. 22nd Regiment SAS is responsible for offensive assault operations, counterterrorism and anti-revolutionary action, as some security operations. SAS is closely cooperating with the special forces of different states, for example, Canadian JTF2, South American SFOD-D and the German GSG9. Special importance is given to the SAS reconnaissance and sabotage operations and other actions of subversive temper in deep behind enemy lines, such as obtaining intelligence, liquidation and incapacitate enemy targets, conducting mental operations to demoralize personnel and the public enemy, sabotage organization, training rebel groups misinformation and misleading the enemy and the rest of complex strategic moves.

Each platoon in the regiment has its own specialization, regardless of planting method and area of ​​future action: parachuting, amphibious, mobile, mountain. Operational-intelligence unit of the 22nd Regiment SAS soldiers kotoroye called «Kremlin», manages information provision by collecting information on possible areas of future hostilities, such as physical and geographical conditions, history, culture and religion. To perform its tasks SAS has various weapons, equipment and ammunition. Small instrument includes machine guns, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, pistols, hand grenades and grenade launchers. In addition, there are armed with portable anti-aircraft missiles and light mortars. To all kinds of small guns entering the SAS, imposed the following requirements: they must be light, reliable and possess sufficient firepower to provide fire patrol an advantage in battle. These properties are owned by, for example, are on their arms automatic rifle M-16A2 with M203 grenade launcher, which is the main personal weapon, submachine guns MP-5, various modifications, gun Browning High Power, machine guns Browning, GPMG and FN, grenade launchers, M -72 and LAW80, portable anti-aircraft Stinger missiles and sniper rifles of different modifications.

Delivery vehicles and landing to the area of ​​puzzles, which has SAS, includes landing and cargo parachute systems, inflatable rubber boats, speedboats, diving equipment and special cars and bikes. Special patrol car Land Rover 4×4 is in service since 1985, being specially designed for similar purposes. It can accommodate a crew of 6 people, a stationary machine gun GPMG, grenade launchers LAW-80 MANPADS Stinger. More can be installed mnogokaliberny machine gun, automatic gun, automatic grenade Mk-19 and minomety.Zahvatyvaet spirit? But that’s not all! It remains to wait for the Medal of Honor Warfighter and all is well explored.

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