Science. What color is a red apple FOR YOU?

Recent experiments scientists have proved that each of us sees the world not only in different colors, but also in different colors from each other! The perception of color for each is influenced by the outside world, but it should be a certain pattern …

Looking at the same object, people see it differently — everyone has his own color, scientists have found in the new research.

According to researchers, our perception of color is influenced by the outside world, but it should be a predetermined pattern. Thus, contrary to long-held beliefs, the red, which is the color of blood, strawberries and Mars, some people may perceive as blue. Such a discovery, scientists have made after experiments with monkeys.

Even in an article published in 2009 in the scientific journal Nature, a scientist from the University of Washington who studies color vision, Jay Nayts about how, in the course of his experiments, the team introduced a specific virus for monkey retina, which allowed them to see the red and green and yellow. It is noteworthy that the subjects were able to get new information, notwithstanding the fact that their brains are not genetically programmed to react to red.

Then the researchers suggested that the invented method of restoring the perception of colors will not only cure color blindness, but also give sight to the blind.

More recently, scientists have come to the conclusion that the apes had no predetermined perceptions ascribed to each wavelength. From which it was concluded that the human brain is generally behaves similarly, when a person is born, its neurons are not "tuned" to respond to color in a certain way.

Specialists in the field of color vision, Joseph Carroll, of the Medical College of Wisconsin believes that "people do not see the same colors"



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