Scientists have created a talking glowing mask

November 9, 2011 11:44

A team from the University of Technology in Munich together with Japanese colleagues developed a mask Mask-bot, which is a new interactive way to interact with robots.

The system consists of a translucent plastic masks and wide projector projects the image of a person on the back of the mask. Projector brightness is enough for the system to operate in the daytime.

The creators of the mask is believed that it can be used for video conferencing. "As a rule, members video broadcast images to the screen. With the help of a Mask-bot can be created directly at the table realistic copies of a man who speaks to you. You can use different masks for women and men, or individually for each participant, "- says Dr. Taakaki Kuratate.

Mask-bot supports the conversion of written text into speech with English, Japanese and German, reports Eurekalert.

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