Scientists have discovered a new form of life

October 28, 2012 1:29

Scientists have discovered a new form of life

The sensational discovery made Danish scientists discovered a new form of life — electric bacterium. Multicellular bacteria on the bottom of the port of Aarhus together form a sort of "electric cable", which conduct current along the bottom.

Danish researchers from Aarhus University have discovered previously unknown life form — electrical bacterium. This sensational discovery is reported in the latest issue of the scientific journal "Naturi." Together with researchers at the University of Southern California, they found in the sediments in the Aarhus port of microorganisms that are able to serve as electrical conductors. This is — a myriad of bacteria that live in the mud, and function as "electric cables", ITAR-TASS reported.

Electric current in the biological processes on the sea floor, scientists found Aarhus several years ago. They were able to measure it, but to explain it if they could not. In further studies, they discovered that, where electric current is measured, always present multicellular filamentous bacteria structure. Thus was born the idea that these bacteria are a kind of "power transmission".

"Each bacterium several centimeters in length, but the diameter of only a few thousandths of a millimeter carries electrical current from one point to another, — the professor of the University of Aarhus Lars Peter Nielsen. — Per square meter of the seabed, where they are, there were many thousands of kilometers of the electric cable. " This is a large body consisting of many cells, which retain the connection with each other, even when they are physically separated, the scientist said. Thus, cutting the sediment samples, the researchers produced a "effect of the excavator with a broken cable." "We have found the bacteria in Aarhus, but, obviously, a lot of them around on the sea floor, — said Nielsen. — It seems fantastic, but this is the reality. "

Earlier Dni.Ru wrote that American scientists have discovered at the bottom of Mono Lake in California extraterrestrial life form. Researchers have found bacteria that are composed of DNA, which there is not one living thing on this planet. Scientists have presented to the world an unusual creature — a bacterium that can survive in conditions that are not able to make a single living organism.

Unusual organisms researchers have found in the waters of California's volcanic lake. Compositionally, it is more like bleach — in alkaline water to dissolve a huge amount of arsenic. In this water not intended for life, and the bacteria were able to survive.

According Astrobiology Wolfe-Simon, all living things on Earth are composed of six chemical elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur. However, this does not apply to the detection of sensation. Scientists found the bacteria were placed in a solution of arsenic, in which they suddenly could not only survive, but to continue a normal life.

On closer examination, it was found out that bacteria have replaced vital phosphorus in its DNA with arsenic. Like, according to the scientists, in their practice, they have not yet met. Experts made it clear that bacteria that can make such a substitution, due to their properties can survive untenable conditions, such as deadly cold temperatures at the edge of the solar system.

"If there is a microorganism that can operate fundamentally differently than everyone else, which means that there may be other forms of life on Earth, and in quite different conditions outside. This means that we have opened the door to the abyss. Millions of questions about what else can we look for and what else we can find "- then said Wolfe-Simon.

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