Scientists have found traces of a vanished civilization

July 5, 2012 9:26

British scientists took to the track Lost World, News photo

British Atlantis is said to have gone under water for about eight thousand years ago.

Off the coast of the UK showed signs of a vanished civilization. British Atlantis is said to have gone under water for about eight thousand years ago. Before that, between the present Denmark and Scotland extended city.

Search for sunken worlds for decades intrigued researchers, who are trying to find the mysterious Atlantis. In the UK today confidently say that they have found their own.

This ancient civilization spread from Denmark to Scotland and back into the water eight and a half thousand years ago. Vanished of the land, according to British scientists, once the center of Europe. But it gradually absorbed the North Sea.

"The central part of this land was the size of France, and if you take the whole of the land to the offshore islands, it took about 800 thousand square kilometers," — says Richard Bates Professor of the University of St Andrews.

The existence of "British Atlantis" spoke at the beginning of last century, when the shelf for the first time showed signs of human activity. But only in recent years, information has become more focused — thanks to the fact that oil and gas companies engaged in exploration in the North Sea, shared with scientists from the results of their underwater research.

Leading British universities have joined forces to learn more about the people who inhabit this part of the land. The scientists simulated the flora and fauna. They concluded that the conditions there were very comfortable, but in this huge area lived only a few tens of thousands of people.

"They were hunter-gatherers. The small family that moved on the earth, producing their own food "- suggests Richard Bates.

According to scientists, the cause of the disappearance of the world — global climate change on the planet.

"It was not so much a great cataclysm, for raising the level of speed, maximum sea level was 10 centimeters a year. And at such a rate that people can move well. But they had to leave the fundamental structures — palaces, forts and other powerful structures "- suggests Andrew Chepalyga, a leading researcher at the Institute of Geography Sciences, Academy of Natural Sciences.

"When today we throw a coin into the sea, in fact, we repeat what we did our ancestors. They were thrown into the water various household items, we believe, to appease such elements. It seemed to them that the sea comes to them, because they have done something bad, "- says Martin Bates, professor at the University of Wales.

Search for the remnants of civilization in the muddy waters of the North Sea is very difficult, moreover, such searches are expensive, but made no stops. Studies of this "British Atlantis" have been going on for more than ten years, but scientists still believe that they are at the beginning and have seen only the tip of the iceberg.


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