Scientists have proved that love is eternal!

You can be a newlywed to old age

Do not believe those who stubbornly insists love is extinguished at least three years, maximum — after seven. New research from scientists at New York University have proved that your other half can be a passionate love like in the early days of love, to old age.

The experiment involved volunteers — married couples living together happily for 20 years, and the couple. The subjects were asked a few minutes to look at the pictures of their spouses, friends, acquaintances or random people. Meanwhile, the scanner recorded their brain activity. When compared these data, scientists gasp: tests of young couples and older couples were almost identical!

— While viewing a photo of his wife or husband, the couple with a big family experience activated the same brain regions that young couples — explained lead researcher, psychologist Arthur Aronai — and most importantly — produces the same amount of "love hormone" — dopamine.

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