Scientists: Shark attacks on humans — a mysterious thing

October 14, 2011 18:51

Frequency of shark attacks on humans are still puzzling scientists.

As RIA "Date's" ichthyologist Institute of Marine Biology. AV Zhirmunsky Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Zemnukhov, nothing supernatural in the presence of sharks off the coast of Primorye not. According to the scientist, the shark "has always been here," just to have occurred in the summer of tragic events related to Cougar attacks on tourists citizens, there was no reason to pay attention to their existence.

According to the scientist, the Sea of Japan — not the ideal place for sharks, but also such "cold" conditions are fully satisfy those members of the class of cartilaginous fish.

"Shark attacks on humans — is still a mysterious thing. For example, in Japan, in the mid-90's attack took place one after another in a short time, and then abruptly stopped. What was the reason? Then the researchers did not find an answer to this question ", — said Vladimir Zemnukhov.

Recall that in August in Primorye were three cases of shark attacks on humans. The first occurred on August 17 at about 20.00 Telyakovskii bay in the south of Primorsky Krai. Shark attacked a 25-year resident of the seaside capital Denis Udovenko. He tried to distract the predator from his wife, and in the battle lost the hand and suffered serious leg injuries. August 29 the young man was operated in the Korean hospital. Five-hour procedure was successful. September 12 Udovenko underwent surgery for skin grafts on his hip left foot from the front of the right thigh.

The second incident took place on August 18 in the morning near the island Zheltukhina — predator attacked a 16-year-old. Boy injured, but now discharged from hospital.

Third one victim of a shark in the Riviera became a resident of the village of Slav. The attack took place in the Bay Teal. The young man had been damaged forearm, the predator left a scratch on his body.

A few days ago, scientists have caught a newborn baby shark killer, who was born off the coast of Primorye. Scientists do not tend to sound the alarm, but it is possible that the sharks will now proliferate in Russian waters.


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