Scientists will get rid of people headaches. Special rim cure any migraine attacks

It turned out that to save humanity from the headache will not pill, and innovative device, like a hoop-points of the film "Star Trek." Saving device invented Belgian scientists who claim that it will help to get rid of even the most severe migraine attacks in 20 minutes, according to "Daily Mail".

According to experts, the high-tech healing works is very simple: it emits a special electrical impulses, directing them to the supraorbital nerve, responsible for the pain in his head and eyes. Relax the nerve impulses, and the head stops hurting.

The effectiveness of the new primary care facilities have experienced 67 volunteers. Within three months, each of them had to wear a headband every day. The study found that those who took the trouble to ring and carried more than two months, suffered from debilitating headaches three times the normal size. The number of patients who have migraine attacks decreased by over 50%, increased half.

Externally, the device is a silver hoop, really like the attribute of films about the future. Rim hardly felt the weight, so wear it on your head is not difficult.

According to scientists, wear it on the forehead, securing the ears. To use such a device is recommended once a day for 20 minutes. Its effect hoop like medicines for migraine headaches, however, in contrast, has no side effects and has a positive effect in most cases. In the device already has a name — Cefaly, — and it costs about 260 pounds.

Earlier, the pharmaceutical market of the U.S. was allowed electronic patch Zecuity, help from acute migraine headaches. With the current it delivers through human skin into the body sumatriptan — a drug commonly used for migraine. But British experts, in turn, offered a pocket device for migraine using magnetic pulses to stimulate the trigeminal nerve.

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