Sea and river fleet is fully equipped with Russian GLONASS


All sea and river fleet Russian GLONASS equipment provided, told reporters on Tuesday, General Director of JSC "NAVIS" producing navigational instruments, Valery Babakov.

In addition, the introduction of GLONASS is in civil aviation, railways and road transport.

"According to various estimates, between 300 and 400 civilian aircraft are equipped with GLONASS. Thus the total number of air fleet is 2-3 thousand units"- Said Babakov.

In this case, on the railways, in his words, "we can speak only of a few percent. "

According to the director, "NAVIS" "GLONASS is actively implementing in land transport. "

"Regarding the use of GLONASS in Russia, and in 2010 was sold 50-80 thousand OE modules that have been made the most different kinds of navigation equipment. And this year, sold about 150,000 domestic and foreign receivers, "- He said.

In addition, this year, has sold about 30 million smartphones with two navigation modules — GLONASS and GPS, said deputy general director of "NIS GLONASS" Andrew, son of John.

"Since 2012, all the leading brands such as Samsung, Nokia and others, announced the release to market devices with GLONASS"- He said.

According to Jonah, "in 2010 it was used to transport 100,000 domestic chipsets in the past year — about 300 thousand sets, and not only domestic producer. "

"Our main task now — to support domestic design centers on the development of two-system GLONASS-GPS chipset, "- He said.

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