Sea of time in a nonexistent world

December 12, 2011 17:56

You have the sea of time? You do not have a second! Who wrote it? Who is reading? This is — the greatest paradox, because the objective reality does not exist. I have for this is clear evidence that can understand any rational person.

Before that, I wrote two articles on the illusion of reality, but there was a question of the existence of reality as a projection of human consciousness. Here, I'll prove to you that no man, no reality, or anything else at all can not be.

The passage of time

As an illustrative example, consider a state of the object, as a movement. It fits the object itself, but considering the motion of an object in space in time facilitate the understanding of this fact.

So, I would argue that the movement does not exist. Movement, or, more precisely, a statement of the movement — this is the paradox and the greatest illusion. Why? I will explain.


If you sleep too soundly, you need to understand at least the mind, that in life there is only the present moment. The past and the future, whatever they may be — there is in the present. If you do not believe me, try to look past and the future now! How is it? Any luck? Where the past? And where is the future?

"The Sea" in continuous time there is "now." All that can exist — is now. There is no existence in the past and the future. Past and future or there now, or non-existent.

If you sleep too soundly, you need to understand, at least at the level of logic, that the past and the future — this is the concept, just a thought. Memories exist in the present, though, and say to you that the past is real. In fact, there is no past. The past and future exist only as information, which is endowed with thought. Paradoxically, the very thought "exists" only in the present. Always in the present! All-everything in this life only exists in the present. Even past and future.

So. If you still do not understand, try to add movement and present. What happens? Is it possible to move in the present? What the response is?

It's impossible!

Why? Because the movement implies a certain amount of time. Movement is possible only when there is a time when there is a history in which the movement has begun, the present, in which it 'happens' and the future in which it ended. If the past and the future does not exist, it is clear that there is no beginning and end of the movement. Movement is possible only in a certain period of time. The moment of "now" has no any length of time. In the present — there is no time! This time period is infinitely small. Now — is one static frame of film life. At present, in total this is possible only emptiness. It is this experience of meditation, at Nirvana, when the mind becomes clear and open that is.

There is no movement, said the sage bradaty.
Another said nothing and stood before him to go …
AS Pushkin

What I am writing, it is not just a theory, philosophy or clever. All this can be verified by experiment. Why is the word? Why are people? Why is life there is, and there is a very specific? The thing is that life is multifaceted. The measurement is not limited to three planes, the understanding is not limited to intelligence, experience is not limited to the body. There is a level of knowledge, concerning which all theories seem to mind the dual dust erratically fluttering in the air.

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