Secrets of Eternal Youth (2012)

Each year, our lives will inevitably ages us. And we ask ourselves one question: how do we keep youth and extend it at least a hundred years old? .. Many, not to grow old went to extreme measures.

Pharaoh Ramses II, according to Herodotus, he killed himself on the day of the century. Many researchers
believe that it is the fear of old age was the cause of death, Hemingway and Marilyn Monroe. Meanwhile, the international community gerontologists warned against mass boom in so-called methods of rejuvenation. Moreover today there is no one really scientifically proven way to stop human aging. However, the number of centenarians is growing.

Russian scientists claim to have found a means of abolishing the aging as unwanted program
body. A substance that stops aging, has been synthesized. And synthesize its academic
Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Biology Vladimir Skulachev.
Synthetic antioxidant found in nature. He has already been tested on animals. It was found that the mice that received the substance, live on 25% longer than their peers. Soon begin testing the drug on humans.

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