Secrets of Lead Library

December 11, 2011 13:33

As previously reported, the archaeologists of the world froze in anticipation of a sensation. In the north, Jordan found a unique find — lead book. According to scientists, a collection of ancient manuscripts can transform the entire biblical story. To have one problem: the neighboring country — Jordan and Israel — can not divide among themselves lead library.

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Deal of the century

Why is the dispute? Between 2005 and 2007 (not known exactly) in the north of Jordan, the flood is an extremely rare in those parts. It has exposed two niches inside the cave, one of which was marked with the sign of menorah — the ancient Jewish religious symbol.

Local farmer Bedouin went to the mountains with their goats. Man knew every stone in those places, so I paid attention to the glittering objects. This book turned out — lead, held together with a metal wire. As many as 70 pieces! The cave where they were, too, was not easy, probably in her early Christians hid back in the 70's AD, and perhaps even earlier.

The lucky winner findings immediately began to search for secret from the state, who would sell for a good price Ancient Library. Finally found a buyer — an Israeli Bedouin named Hassan Said. After lengthy negotiations and consultations with knowledgeable people parties finally shook hands, and brought the value of Saida country smuggling. As long as the deal of the discovery became known to scientists. Scandal. Jordanian authorities have stated that the manuscripts taken from their territory illegally, and demanded to return the treasure home. However, the new owner of the library was in no hurry to part with the acquisition. He even said that his family has owned a relic at least a hundred years. Book, he says, have found yet his grandfather, which, they say, to him may be a claim? Will he be able to prove this fact, time will tell, but for now the representatives of the Jordanian government is determined at all costs to return the treasure to the country.

Steeper scrolls

What are the books? Lead plates (some the size of our passport, the other — with a credit card) are fastened together with metal rings. On sheets — symbols and characters in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek languages. Icons and letters are engraved, and by melting. Most of the text is encrypted.

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