Sergey Ryzhov calls for indefinite national strike

Former candidate for participation in the presidential election, a resident of Vitebsk Sergey Ryzhov offers to go on strike on July 3. The purpose of the strike — the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko, the release of political prisoners and the holding of new presidential elections.

Address to the people of Belarus Sergey Ryzhov distributed via the Internet.

The appeal states that "the republic froze on the brink of another default and looting, the loss of sovereignty and independence." Therefore, on July 3 Sergey Ryzhov invites all who are willing to protest against this, go to the main square in the cities, and from July 4 to apply any opportunity to stay home from work or may not be in the study.

Sergey Ryzhov, who several months ago announced the creation of the Belarusian Conservative Party "White Russia" offers to all fellow citizens to disseminate information about the future of the strike and to conduct propaganda talks about the need for peaceful protest.

"Who is the leader of each citizen of Belarus. And no one can prevent it from doing so! "- Written in circulation Sergey Ryzhov.

During the last presidential election, he announced his desire to run for the post, but withdrew from the race for the days prior to the registration of candidates. According to Sergey Ryzhov, it must to do this step, since the members of the initiative group made pressure that prevented collect the required number of signatures for his nomination.


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