Sex Mission (Ukraine) (all editions) watch online

Sex Mission (Ukraine) (all editions) watch online
October 3 TV channel 1 +1 starts frank and public discussion of sex — with no complexes unacceptable jokes and no taboos. Creator and Leading applets — Svetlana Usenko, and the operator — her husband, Vitali Panasiuc. Television spouses who have lived together for many years and is raising a 14-year-old child, knows from experience the difficulties, which awkwardly read aloud, but which are in each family. Leading "Sex and the mission" Usenko Svetlana and her husband know that this is not always resolved to share with the coming relatives and friends. But Svetlana and Vitali ready not only openly read, and to the public to experiment. — Questions about which we read, some shocking, others annoying, but someone seems to be forced to purple. So how do we show and shoot everything! — Declares Svetlana. — But our project is of a purely educational purpose. The viewer is not waiting for the transfer veselitelnaya

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