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April 27, 2012 4:39


We live in the era of the ancient traditions and knowledge. Now more and more cultural, religious and even any other form of social consciousness give way to ancient knowledge. Thus, that of the ancestors and from the very beginning started. This is our time — summing up, the start of a new time in history — the return of the Golden Age.

It was predicted, all the myths and legends of the Golden Age of the Earth ended prophecy of his return to the end of time. Him hard stone, when a person takes away the right of the planet from its predecessors — the most ancient people, the cultural bronze with a flourish of the Ancient World, followed by iron to the era of enormous war and destruction, our age of technology and oil and gas. All — round civilizations closes when a person has nothing to take from nature, it inevitably comes back to what was given iznachalno.Otnoshenie to nature, the world around them, outlook define each era, but the world view of the Golden Age is not going anywhere, it was kept unchanged among expanses of untouched earth and in the hearts of special people — shamans.

 The word shaman is Siberian origin, but the point here is not in the title, but the fact that this is the most ancient and common to all the peoples of the form of knowledge, is present in any human society, preserved with natural nature, which means harmonious relationships. Opinion of modern anthropology is that shamanic beliefs, rituals, calendar and more knowledge was obtained ancestors of modern humans from the human species, prior to or Neanderthal. This is also evidenced by the many ancient myths.

Insulation Australian Aborigines for a long period, and with the presence of these advanced shamanic culture reaffirms that shamanism is rooted in an instinctive animal perception and prejudice the possibility of human survival in extreme environments. It is based on a single principle, the organization of higher living matter — the collective wisdom and the art of management of external events, ie magic.

Shamanism — the highest art of perception, allowing the process of survival translate into a harmonious living of the moment. That is why it has survived among indigenous cultures, so each and every member of tribal communities have a certain part of the shaman's knowledge, hence the culture of sacrifice begins — attention to the world.

First shaman was a man who understood the power of invisible forces, and his relationship with them. So at the behest of powerful spirits, gods prapanteona got the first shaman. The very idea of God evolved in the mind is inseparable from cultural development, and the current understanding of the church of the Father Almighty is different from that in shamanism and ancient traditions. There, the Creator of the universe surrounds the Great Void, do not manifest Nothing anti-world in the modern view. -, So that the world says the Rig Veda. In the beginning was the Word, and the light of information from the depths of anti-world showed that exists. So go, go, and will be a process of creation. Shamanism still has the original energy of creation, of their culture and the creative process in the familiar form we need, allowing shamans be co-creators of the universe, and the greatest of them were awarded the honor — to be his world.

Shamanism is preserved since becoming Homo sapiens, is the science confirms the ancient legends. It so happens that our ancient ancestor appeared on the planet suddenly fell from the sky, and already has the necessary knowledge and skills necessary to survive it extracted in the confrontation with his rival and enemy — Neanderthals, who at age glaciations also lived hard. Survived, as we know sapiens, the scientific evidence for phenomenal adaptability and aggressive strategy of reproduction. What was really at that moment a mysterious history of the Earth, from which originated the modern civilization? Science politely silent, and spirituality speaks of exile from paradise Kush ancestors, the death of civilizations of Atlantis and Hyperborea, about the decline of the Golden Age, a time when gods and heroes lived on earth with people.

History of the Golden Age points out the existence of ancestral North where people are equal to gods and demiurges began his earthly journey. In shamanism have been described as the great shamans, white or shamans of the Upper World. They often became the rulers of them began ruling dynasties, they were priests, the guardians of the cults. There were those who equated the gods and later deified. This brings to mind the Mayan and Aztec Quetzalcoatl, who was their tradition Plumed Serpent, while a white man with a beard. It remains to recall Dragon Viking and extensive wanderings of the children of the North on the planet at the turn of a new era. However, the ancestral home of the Indians — the mythical Tollan, neither more nor less than the Thule or Hyperborea. From there came the ancestors Toltecs, Mayans and Aztecs to the Americas.
The roots of the northern traditions were all priestly traditions of the Earth, and the keeper of the ancestral home were our ancestors, now this earth — our heritage. On how we understand it, and will depend buduschee.Nashi our ancestors did not build the pyramids, Slavic magic was often akin to druidic, but for centuries the people of knowledge — the magicians and sorcerers, touch the mysteries of the North. It held their dedication, learned the most difficult — and gained himself the Way.

The history of technological era erased shamanic knowledge of its original places, though ancient beliefs were the basis of religion. Last white shamans left this Earth in the 17th century, and in different parts of the world. Witch Hunt, launched in medieval Europe, and we have more ideological revision since collectivization, were crucial for care keepers of ancient knowledge, with nothing left of their contemporaries. They viewed death as a deliberate move to another more suitable world, because they saw it, they knew and tried to get there. Great going, fulfill its mission.

They foresaw the end of time, the apocalypse has always been the idea of forming our society. Talked about the return of the Golden Age, the revival of ancient knowledge. Given all of shamanic initiations, the complex process of knowledge transfer in traditional cultures, and the direct transmission is lost, it can be said about the loss of ancient knowledge. And so it is, in the apparent chaos of the universe only elected sees the process of creation. We also remember that even hair can not fall off the man's head without the knowledge of the Creator, that talk about leaving his beloved sons. Of course, in the closing of the ancient tradition has a deep meaning, during the global update of the planet and a new world is born people of knowledge.

When the world needs a shaman, he comes, this ancient rule, always has been. Modern Shamanism is a global community of more popular. This is an open world, bringing together all the truth, which has the active ingredient — creative expression. Increasingly, people today go back to the roots, find their way, their teachers, their place of power, its initiation of primordial forces of nature.

So there are shamans new era …

Dmitry Voyevodin

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