Shamanic breathing practices

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Agim — breathing

The word "Agim" comes from the Turkish "ak" — "for", "flow". This type of breathing involves the operation of all parts of the lungs, which slowly moving air stream to compare with mystics Heavenly River. Agim-breathing action there in the sense of complete rest, satisfaction, and self-control. Cardiac activity is a little slow, the blood pressure goes down, calms the nervous system. In shamanic terms with Agim-breathing positive and negative flows that pass through the body, equalized, preserving the stability for a considerable time after practice. Agim-breath has no side effects and can be used continuously, replacing the usual shallow breathing.

Technique. Take a slow deep breath in the nose so that the air waves passed from the stomach to the shoulders. To do this, a little puffed out his stomach to dial down the air light automatically, and then inflate the chest and, finally, a little lift shoulders.

Breathe out with his nose in the same sequence: the stomach is selected, the edges shrink shoulders dropped. Agim-breathing cycle is about 18 seconds, 8 seconds — inhale, 2 seconds — pause, 8 seconds — exhale. When properly executed breath incoming and outgoing air streams pass silently.

Breath of the Sun and Moon

When breathing the sun and the moon, which is sometimes called the Union of the Sun and Moon, the inhalation and exhalation is alternately different nostrils. The right half of the body corresponds to the Sun, and the left — the Moon. This type of breathing increases mental alertness and promotes full concentration needed for self-awareness within a dream (a kind of shamanic work) and ecstasy. When the solar-lunar breathing human energy is indestructible balance, superior in stability Agim.

Technique. Fully exhale all the air out of the left nostril, highlighting at the same time on the heart, and pinch the nostrils with your thumbs. Release the left nostril and take a deep breath undulating, feeling the energy up the left side of the spine. Thumb rise again to its original position on the left nostril, hold the breath and focus on the head. Open the right nostril and take a full breath, feeling the energy of the falls on the right side of the spine. Holding the right nostril, hold your breath, focusing on the solar plexus. Breathe right nostril, removing from her thumb. At the same time, imagine the energy goes up the right side of the spine. Bring your thumb to the starting position and hold your breath, focusing on the top (not on top of the head!) Heads. Open the left nostril and exhale air and feeling the energy rush down the left side of the spine. Hold your breath, focusing on the middle of the chest (the dot above the solar plexus at the level of the heart). Then repeat the cycle several times.

Despite the apparent complexity of the exercise, after some practice, it will be carried out easily and quickly bring results. The ancients said that if it was breathing perform competently four times a day (at dawn, noon, sunset and midnight) you can get out of the shackles of earthly laws and restrictions. It can even practice together. For example, the first participant exhales air from the right nostril, and the second, at the same time, breathes left nostril. This option involves a pair consisting of a man and a woman. Next guy perform breathing exercises preserved in some of the Far North (Chukchi, Eskimos), who are still rubbing the nose replaced kiss on the nose. Based on the mythological aspects of the breath of the Sun and the Moon is under an ancient allegory, whereby once the sun was shining-daughter at night, and Luna's son — in the afternoon. After the sun-daughter stole the night Hurricane spirit, brothers and sisters are reversed, that is, the sun began to cover the ground during the day, and the moon — at night.

Breathing ducks (divers)

By breathing ducks mean maximum breath holding. In this case, the practitioner focuses inward, which results in a balance of mental and somatic are cured of the disease of the lungs and throat, improves the function of the heart and thyroid disappear neuroses and obsessions. Breathing duck makes a person more confident, calm, reasonable, and is also used in shamanic practice to improve the process of remembering dreams and events during ecstasy.

Technique. Make a full-cycle Agim breath (breath — 8 seconds delay — 2, exhale — 8). When the second round of hold your breath for 4 seconds, when the third round hold your breath for 8 seconds, as if to put barriers in the throat. During the delay, Focus on the thyroid gland. Make the exhale through the mouth while uttering the sound "c-c-c." This sound should be stretched in time by 8 seconds. Again slowly enter through the nose to the lungs and the air, holding his breath for 16 seconds make exhalation. In the next breath holding times should amount to 32 and 64 seconds. When the last three delays the focus should be on the top of the head. At the last breath, which is done through the nose for 8 seconds, touch his face with his hands and drag them down, linking them to the chest and his head down.

Accounting scheme of time (one second, a single hit rate):

1. The concentration of the thyroid gland:
A Breath of nose — 8
B. Delay — 2
B. Exhale nose — 8
A Breath of nose — 8
B. Delay — 4
B. Exhale nose — 8
A Breath of nose — 8
B. Delay — 8
B. Exhale mouth with the utterance of sound — 8
2. The concentration of the crown:
A Breath of nose — 8
B. Delay — 16
B. Exhale nose — 8
A Breath of nose — 8
B. Delay — 32
B. Exhale nose — 8
A Breath of nose — 8
B. Delay — 64
B. Exhale nose holding hands over his face — 8

Breathing ducks (divers) can be called one of the most ancient practices. Its detailed description is found in the cosmogonic myths of the peoples of Siberia. So breathing world duck or loon, diving depths of the universe E in search of land to create the firmament. Here's how the process is presented in the Holy minsiyskom legend about the origin of the earth:

"From above, from the sky, flying steel diver, dive into the water to find the land. Went-went, emerged, no land is found. Breath, breath, dived into the water again. Went-went, emerged — again empty, there is no ground. Breathed a little third dived, and when popped, so breathed his throat burst, but she had a beak tithe land. Took off and disappeared in the direction of the sky … the next day … the sky again heard a noise from the sky down flying loon. Dives into the water. Went-went, when popped, nothing she does not have, is empty. A little breath, breathed again dived into the water. Again went-went, when popped, also did not. A little breath, third dived, surfaced when inhaled so that the top broke. In its beak — a large piece of land. Beak wiped the corner of the tundra of the hill, then left in the direction of the sky. "

Interestingly, the transfer of attention during the breath-holding with the thyroid gland on the top line with views of the most divers. On her neck feathers are brownish-red color, and the color appears in the spring decoration of red feathers. This fact underscores the deep esoteric meaning of this practice.

Breathing Changal

Breathing Chang'an intended to enter into an altered state of consciousness. It was developed by the ancient shamans and is still preserved in the rituals of the Turkic-mangolov. Typically, it is performed in a group fight diamond on four counts under the scheme: breath — one hit, exhale — one hit, a second breath — two strokes, the second exhale — one hit. Chang'an to breath should be treated with caution, not abusing them, and carried out under the supervision of a mentor.

Technique. Take a deep breath in the mouth, directing the flow of air is the top of the sky, and at the same time say the sound "and th-th." This and subsequent hissing sounds should be, that is, educated entering or leaving the air flow without tension of the vocal cords. On the count of two — exhale with the utterance of the same bug. On the count of three — breathe again, just like in the beginning. Next breath make the sound "ha-a" and feel all the desires, emotions and feelings go through the body to the ground. Without pausing, repeat the cycle several times.

This breathing exercise should be carried out as long as possible to support breaths corresponding sound, "and th-th, and th-th, and th-th, ha-a." When the throat is completely dry up, breathing Chang'an should stop and returns to the subsequent follow him euphoric effect. Euphoria usually starts with a strong tingling sensation all over the body and involuntary show of hands, as if from the blades grow wings. Following this is a way out of the body, accompanied by a sense of mission.

Breath of the four elements

Breath of the four elements — a complex made up of several types of breathing. Each of them is related to one or another primary element.

Breathe in and out, make the nose symbolizes the earth breath — nose, and exhale — mouth symbolizes water, breathe in and out — mouth symbolizes air, through your mouth and exhale — nose symbolizes fire.

Sequential execution of all four types of respiratory cycle. Depth of inhalation — exhalation corresponds Agim-breathing. Through your mouth only be made through rolled-up tongue slightly protruding from his mouth. Exhale mouth — ordinary. Breath of four elements used in meditative work is accompanied by visualization.

Performing a breath of earth, feel the center of the chest separated two balls. One of the balls on the breath up through the crown of the head up, and the other, on the exhale, descends through the feet down. Breathing water must combine the balls in a single stream, pouring up to the upper bowl on inspiration and down to the lower bowl on the exhale. Elements of air pulls on a breath body and all the surrounding area to a point, as you exhale it disperses in all directions. Fire does on hot breath curled body, as you exhale causes him to emit light and heat. With each new breath — exhale feeling must increase.

The whole cycle is executed once. The duration of each phase is determined individually. Meditation symbolizes the emergence and development of the universe. The separation of the balls are formed Cosmic axis connecting the two poles of the Universe. Water flow — two life-giving flow of Universal Rivers flowing to the Cosmic Axis. Compression and spray around the axis corresponds to the formation of space, which gives meaning and power and life breath of Fire. According to the shamanic ideas, so once breathed Great Spirit created the world.

Cleansing Breath

To do this, stand up straight and back straight. Next you need to take a breath and hold your breath for a few seconds. Following is folded his lips and pull them forward. With the power to exhale through the mouth folded some air, hold breath for a second and then exhale. So should expel all the air. This exercise is used to enhance the healing effects of other methods.

Energy breathing

Sit so that the back is straight. Focus on energy point below the navel and imagine leaving out a beam of light. Take a breath, imagine that this ray is set inside the abdomen and energy toward the back, spread out along it and down to the coccyx sliding along the spine. It is necessary to try to do with inspiration. Then follows a few seconds to hold your breath. We must now slowly exhale and imagine that the beam makes the way back, going through the belly out. With this breath, the body is filled with missing his energy.

Peace at Last

Lie on the floor on his back. Vypryamte hands along the body and spread your toes apart, connecting the heel. Breathe in slowly through your nose. Hold your breath. Then slowly exhale through the nose. Repeat 12 times in the morning and evening.

Full Breath

Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, back straight, arms are down. On the count of "one" to calm slow breath, stomach first, and then the chest. When the air reaches the chest, abdomen retracted, causing the air to rise to the tops of light. Hold your breath for a few seconds. On the count of "two" — Exhale: chest straightened, the abdomen protrudes forward a little, and his chest is expanded. On the count of "three" completely relax the chest, and then the stomach. On the count of "four" — pause.

So easy, so the blood, filled most of the oxygen, which facilitates physical and mental performance, and reduces fatigue. Along with these exercises the best remedy for fatigue is a long dream.

Healing Breath

Get down to the starting position. Put your hand on the part of the body where there is the greatest discomfort and breathe a full breath. When you inhale should provide that the inhaled air passes through the affected area and it healed. When you exhale — that goes along with it all the bad and all the pain. Required to do the exercise 10 times. Then you need to clean out and about a minute to lie still. Then the right hand clockwise rub the affected area.

Breath inner peace

Take a comfortable position for you. Breathe calmly and relaxed. Now imagine that your consciousness is located below the navel and the air that you breathe, is included in this area. Then again, relax. Feel your fingers and stir them. Squeeze fists. Push your whole body, and open your eyes. At the end of the exercise to relax.

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