Shushkevich: If it were not for Bonner, Sakharov then college in Belarus would not be

In Boston, died Andrei Sakharov's widow Yelena Bonner. She was 88 years old. Farewell will be held in the United States. According to the precepts of Elena Bonner, a box containing her ashes buried at the cemetery in Moscow Vastrakovskih near the graves of her husband, mother and father. That mention Elena Bonner in Belarus?

The former chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich was familiar with Andrei Sakharov and Elena Bonner. He says Bonner was his great prestige humanity and respect for democracy and human rights.

Stanislav Shushkevich

"I miss this. This woman was very strong, and she did nothing, and never afraid. She came from an educated family in which all adhere to the principles of decent. So it's a big loss."

Mr. Shushkevich notes that Elena Bonner made abundantly for Belarus and gave permission for that institution in Minsk was named after Andrei Sakharov.

"If at the Belarusian State University to improve education have questions after the Chernobyl explosion, she took the initiative to help create a college in Belarus, which studied the foundations of security when dealing with nuclear power sources. It attracted Professor Richard Wilson of Harvard University. In 1989 he was a committee, which made it my mission to create an educational institution in Belarus environmental profile in nuclear physics and nuclear safety. A very active part in this work took Lutsko Alexander, who was then assistant professor, which I chaired. And Bonner helped him. When she would not, then the Sakharov College in Belarus would not be. After all, his reputation was so great that if Professor Wilson said — thank you that you have taken part — he said, as well, she Elena Bonner said it was necessary, and so I supported and will support it. "

UCP activist Alexander Dobrovolsky had to work together with Andrei Sakharov. He knew he and Elena Bonner. He notes that for Andrei Sakharov was very important for the support of Elena Bonner. According Dobrowolski, these people are few, and if such a person is gone, it is a tragedy for all those who believe that it is one of the most important human traits.

Alexander Dobrovolsky

"Without people like Sakharov and Bonner can not change the reality that there will be no ideas and energy, and even desires. After all, people want to have someone drive them. And even if these people do not lead, but just tell the truth, which may not like and uncomfortable, it is very important. Sakharov was telling the truth, inconvenient for many people in the Soviet Union. Bonner, too. And is their merit, that after a while this truth has found its fans. They were the ones. But the units are worth millions. "

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